#PRWIN: Crocs Ties Shoe PR Campaign to Millennials Discomfort in Social Settings

crocsMost creative stretch of logic in PR campaign ever – Crocs uses Gen-Y’s social uneasiness to make a case for buying their shoes!

At JoTo PR, we constantly tout the importance of making things work for you and your business – and that is exactly what Crocs, Inc. did when it targeted the Gen-Y population by addressing its propensity to feel unease in certain social situations. Despite the millennial generation being touted as a bunch of egotistical narcissists, a recent study sponsored by Crocs, Inc. shows that millennials are not as confident as one may think.

Of 1,000 adults surveyed:

  • 80% find it acceptable to lie in order to avoid embarrassment;
  • 46 percent fake cellphone calls to dodge awkward moments;
  • 44% of Millennials blame someone else when caught in embarrassment;
  • 34% experience more than three uncomfortable social situations per week.

Contrarily, 55% of Baby Boomers rarely experience awkward moments, with no uncomfortable situations during an average week. (1)

In a brilliant PR move, Crocs took those survey results and enacted a new strategy to target millennials – the company declared September 28th as the first International Comfort Day and encouraged guests to try on a pair of Crocs for a 20% percent discount. Taking advantage of today’s social media craze, Crocs also included Twitter initiatives such as the first 25 people to re-tweet a friend at #getcomfy both received a pair of free Crocs shoes, as well as a tasty comfort recipe shared by spokesperson, chef Mario Batali.

Crocs officials used to their advantage what many millennials are seemingly afraid of embracing: being comfortable and a little bit different. Those adjectives are what define Crocs, Inc. as a business. PR is all about presenting your company in a way that is not possible with advertising which is one of the many reasons PR is significantly different than marketing – Crocs did well to take into account what its public truly wants, doesn’t want, so on and so forth.  Crocs saw the value of accepting the discomfort of millennials and then reaching out to them via social media PR – a true #PRWin by JoTo PR standards.

And for all you millennial out there, here are some embarrassing moments that probably eclipse yours:

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