CREST_VIRAL_HALLOWEEN_ADPR WIN: Crest goes viral speaking to Moms about the horrors of Halloween Candy

With Halloween being a favorite holiday for many children (mainly because of the excuse to eat enormous amounts of candy without repercussions), the concept of experiencing the Day of the Dead without candy would be almost morally reprehensible – but Crest showed us how funny it is when unsuspecting children get the opportunity to taste some not-so-sweet treats.

A new advertisement for Crest toothpaste and Oral-B toothbrushes shows viewers what happens when children expecting to try brand-new Halloween candy while dressed up in costumes are presented with “healthy Halloween treats” instead. Made with little or no sugar, or containing only vegetables, the “treats” were made to look appealing, but taste nothing like candy.

The kids seemingly don’t grasp the concept until they take their first bite of the candy – their excitement quickly ebbs to sheer horror. The hilarious, unscripted reactions varied but all had the same tone: “this is disgusting.” One child attempts to be polite before revealing her true disappointment. “It’s kind of good, kind of bad,” she says bravely until told to be honest. “It’s bad,” she concedes before promptly, albeit nonchalantly, throwing up.

So what was Crest’s message with the ad? “Nothing is more horrifying than Halloween without candy – thankfully, there’s Crest and Oral-B.”

Why this is a #PRWIN: Crest took a topic that parents hate (too much sugar) and made it into a hilarious and timely story for what parents will go through if they give their kids a “healthy Halloween.” To date, the short and long versions of the ad have had more than 3 million views on YouTube since the video was posted earlier this month.

So for you moms out there looking to limit your child’s sugar intake, don’t do it on Halloween night if you know what’s good for you.