It’s certainly been a rollercoaster of a year – and we still have a couple of months left!

PR has at times found that one thing that’s restorative. A something that’s universal. That something that makes us all go, “AWWWWWWW”.

I’m talking about the most powerful healing force in the universe – KITTENS! (Bask in their glory!)

Uber must have understood the felines’ therapeutic potency when they created their wonderful offer of a car full of kittens for snuggle time.1

Also, they rolled out the campaign on October 29th, which happens to be National Cat Day (just a coincidence, I’m sure 😉).

Watch the cuteness in action here!

The service, dubbed “UberKITTENS”, allows businesses to “adopt” a kitten for 15 minutes – for a mere $30 “Cuddle Fee”.2 Uber made their special deliveries – and the fun and games ensued. (How wonderful is this!? Where’s my kitten?!)

Uber and participating animal shelters spread the message using the obvious hashtag, #UberKITTENS and the tweets of cuteness flowed forth.

Not only did this campaign make for a wonderful way to entice Uber riders, it was for many people a fun stress-reducer, and at the same they were helping support local animal shelters (NOTE: always a very worthy cause with great optics).

So of COURSE, the big players in the media ate them up (sorry, bad pun there but you understand). Uber had created a novel disruption – pairing their ride service with a much-loved additional, if temporary new “feature”.

I mean, the headlines alone were just precious:


CNN Money: Don’t Worry, the Uber kittens are safe!

Forbes: Uber Delivers Kittens: Prepare for Cuteness Overload with UberKITTENS

Business Insider: Uber will let you order a kitten to your office — but for one day only

PR Week: Uber lets users hail a kitten on National Cat Day (There’s a bunch of photos here – beyond adorable!)


Of course, all this positive media attention should come as a complete surprise to no one.

Uber provided a unique service that has a positive, psychological benefit to their customers and at the same time providing support for a cause that is extremely popular – a one-two combination punch of positive PR publicity!

Uber has in fact run this campaign for several years, expanding it to several more cities, spreading the joy – and increasing those positive impressions. They’ve even imported it to Auckland and Wellington in New Zealand because love knows no borders!3

And why should it?

Now, if you’ll excuse me – I have to go snuggle with my own kitten.


As wonderfully cute as they are, kittens aren’t a cure-all for every PR challenge. But there is a great takeaway here – find a novel way to use to use your product or service to grab your audience’s attention and start an interaction. That’s called causing a disruption in your industry. Uber innovated with their initial ride service and kept innovating, further differentiating themselves from their competition – and the media was there in droves, in effect doing much of your publicity FOR them.

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