#PRTampaBay: The Winter Wonderland Comes to Tampa

#PRTampaBay: The Winter Wonderland Comes to Tampa

If you’re not down here in Florida, many of you may have just pulled through “enjoying” a polar vortex, with temperatures in some places dipping below the average in Antarctica. Antarctica!! Never have I been more grateful to call Tampa Bay home!

But believe it or not, it happens to us, too. We do get snow – once every few decades! In fact, 42 years ago last month – January 19, 1977 – Tampa recorded about .2 inches of snow in the early morning (though some places got almost two inches – gasp!). As you can imagine, this created havoc on the roads. Kids were ecstatic about the highly unusual snow day. The electric companies were hard at work trying to keep the power on.1

If you want to see what a snow day in Florida looks like, you can check out the archival video and photos here. As for me, this year I sure hope I’ll continue to glimpse these below-freezing temps from afar. It’s always fun to look at people’s social media pics of frozen hairstyles and eyelashes when I’m just a short drive from the warm, sunny beach.

1) “Rare Snow Showers Hit Tampa Bay 42 Years Ago.” WFLA, WFLA, 17 Jan. 2019, www.wfla.com/weather/rare-snow-showers-hit-tampa-bay-42-years-ago/1708102481.

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