#PRTampaBay: Bay Hospitality on Full Display at The Karol Hotel

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Marriott’s latest edition to its Tribute Portfolio of hotels is just that – a tribute to one of Tampa’s most gracious citizens and the incredible sense of beauty and possibility in the Bay area.

The new Karol Hotel, located just off the coast of the Bay and scheduled to open before Christmas, is named after Karol Bullard (wife of the hotel’s developer, Fred). Karol has a unique place in Florida history as not only its first female meteorologist (or “weather girl,” as people used to call her), but also a representative of the state in the Miss Universe and Miss World pageants.1 Her husband notes that she now devotes most of her time to various charities and philanthropies, supporting the arts, children, and families in need.2

What a perfect namesake for a hotel that is supposed to embody “charm” and “generosity!”3

The Marriot Tribute Portfolio hotel will not spare on the comforts and luxury, with a signature bar & bistro as well as a rooftop bar and a ballroom, in addition to the 123 guest rooms.4 Hotels in this collection are each boutique-style with their own palette and personality, but closely integrated into their communities and meant to help people connect.5 That makes Tampa the perfect site!Untitled-design-66.png

And from a more statistical perspective, Tampa is the perfect place to put a hotel right now – tourism numbers are breaking records. In February of 2019 alone, tourism revenue shot up 11% over February 2018, and hotel revenue reached $76.4 million – a full 41% higher than the decade average of $54.2 million!6

Tourism in Florida as a whole continues to enjoy a boom, with a record-breaking 69 million people visiting the state in the first six months of 2019, and Tampa is definitely enjoying the benefits.7

Long story short, if I were building a hotel, Tampa would be one of the top locations on my list.

And an offering like the Karol Hotel, with its uniqueness and sense of gracious luxury, is sure to attract and delight business and leisure travelers alike. It seems that no one has been a better ambassador for Florida than Karol herself.

Yet another #PRWIN for Tampa – long may our breezes blow and sun shine. #LoveTampaBay

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