#PRTampaBay: Bay Area Throws Millennials and Medicare Users A Bone

#PRTampaBay: Bay Area Throws Millennials and Medicare Users A Bone

It’s well known that Tampa is enjoying a tech boom and has attracted many millennials with high-paying jobs, but it’s about to serve its Medicare residents a bit better, as well. Caravan Health, Tampa General Hospital, and USF Health Morsani College of Medicine have formed a Medicare Accountable Care Organization (ACO) that will help reduce emergency room visits, among other things.

ACOs, which were added under the Affordable Care Act, group healthcare providers in order to save patients money, limit emergency room visits, and make it easier for physicians to keep track of medical records.1

Tampa’s new ACO will be managed by Caravan Health, which surpassed nationwide ACO performance with savings of over $54 million in 2017 and has a 94% quality score. Tampa General Hospital President and CEO John Couris writes, “Caravan Health has demonstrated success in the Medicare ACO arena and can help us work together to support investments in primary care and our aligned physician network.”2

As we’re all too well aware, more cost-efficient and effective is always better when it comes to healthcare, and it’s exciting to see Tampa’s medical institutions take this step to better serve residents on Medicare.

Handing the mic back to millennials, Lakeland has been named the top market of 2019 by Realtor.com! The city is projected to have 5% sales growth and 7.4% price growth over the next year, largely driven millennial populations who are expected to take out a 32% share of mortgages.3

Homes in Lakeland are cheaper than the national average, but employment growth is gangbusters—expected to top 3% this year, with income growth of 4.9% and overall economy growth of 4.9%.4

Shout out to all our new Bay Area residents – welcome to your new home!

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