Proptech, a.k.a. real estate technology, has taken the world by storm. People are re-examining how they go about shopping for real estate. Granted, physical home and office tours on a more traditional basis aren’t going away anytime soon. However, due to changes in the real estate landscape (and post-pandemic challenges), on both the residential and commercial side, innovative answers were needed. Enter proptech.

Simply put, proptech is a collective term of sorts. It is being used to define new business models for real estate markets or startups offering technologically innovative products.

About the Proptech Industry

In the wide digital transformation of the property industry, proptech is simply one small part. It considers the mentality and technological changes in the minds of real estate consumers and in the industry of real estate. This relates to the transactions, movements, and attitudes involving both cities and buildings.

Though the concept of proptech is somewhat vague, a wide spectrum of the real estate sector has clearly been affected. More than ever before, people are talking about the cities and buildings of the future, while still focusing sharply on the construction and commercial side of the industry. The trend of proptech is being heralded by journalists, investors, and entrepreneurs.

Proptech is being used by the majority of companies that are interested in improving the real estate industry. These companies are being spurred by new consumption patterns and an ever-changing digital landscape.

What is Public Relations’ Role in the Proptech Industry?

One of the most valuable asset classes – as well as the largest – the real estate industry is indeed a rich one. Oddly enough, however, it has been the slowest to change and disrupt. The right PR agency can change all that for a company. In an era of ever-changing and ever advancing technology, the last thing a real estate company wants to do is get left behind. This is particularly true when most of their competitors have already jumped on the PR/proptech bandwagon.

Today, a different approach to media relations is needed by proptech businesses. Companies must understand that there is a very close relationship between technology and property and how PR can be of assistance. With new players entering the market weekly, the proptech sector is booming. The ability to generate leads and a solid reputation is absolutely crucial in the industry. The right PR agency can help companies raise finances, generate leads, and boost their profile.

When your company is ready to experience a rise in leads, a surge in web traffic, and a reputation boost, it’s time to contact a public relations agency you can rely on.

Why is JoTo PR the Right Public Relations Partner for Proptech Companies?

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Choose JoTo PR for Top-Notch Proptech Public Relations Solutions

With the proptech industry being an ever-evolving one, an in-depth understanding of how to address challenges is essential. JoTo PR has what it takes to not only understand these challenges but how they must be addressed. Whether you are in the real estate business involving residential buildings, commercial buildings, or land, we offer a pillar of strength upon which you can rely. In a way that your target audience can strongly relate to, we can deliver the message of your company – this gives you complete peace of mind and allows you to rest easy. Break out of the old PR mold with our “Anti-PR” tactics!

If you want to disrupt the proptech sector, gain exposure, and become an influencer, do not hesitate to request a complimentary PR evaluation now! Alternatively, you may call our toll-free number at (888) 919-4034 or email us at for other inquiries.