Proper Management as a PR Strategy Builds Confident Leaders

middle-managers2Internal PR campaigns for corporations are advantageous in growing the bottom line – your management being a target market to foster.

A recent study highlights the lack of confidence in leadership capability of global organizations, with:

  • Only 32% of respondents believing that their organizations have the right leadership talent and skills to achieve their organizations’ strategic goals,
  • 31% are confident their leaders have the right leadership skills to cope with the current business environment (1).

A little JoTo PR tip: management is being left out of strategic communications plans.

The need to develop stronger leadership capability also extends to middle managers – PR is not just publicity: it’s the ability to communicate to publics of different mindsets and realities and get their participation and agreement.

But middle management, which research has shown is often the impetus behind many corporate initiatives, is being left out of the equation, effectively cutting off any remnants of PR at the knees.

But the key to keeping your customers happy is by keeping your employees, from management down to entry-level, happy and engaged – an unhappy workforce permeates the whole company. The way you avoid that is by fostering effective leaders with a sense of confidence in themselves and their job responsibilities; this is especially important today as times of economic uncertainty can bring about a lack of productivity because employees may be distracted or simply believe that they’ve lost influence over their future on the job.

Remember, your leaders are who shape and transform your company. Internal PR is equally as important as external – maybe even more so. When PR works well, it is a process of changing consumers’ minds, then fostering the minds of the employees, then middle management, all the way up to upper management and back down again for a seamless process – business doesn’t run any other way.  If this is not taken into account in PR strategies, then PR will fail.

  1. New Harvard Business Study Reveals Striking Lack of Confidence in Leadership Capability.” N.p., 12 Sept. 2013. Web. 18 Sept. 2013.

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