Professional Therapy Associates Results Support Study Findings: Physical Therapy Treatment and Activity Effective for Low Back Pain

Montana Physical Therapy Clinic Finds 1 in 2 Patients Seek Treatment for Back Pain; Results Corroborate Studies on Effectiveness of Physical Therapy for Low Back Pain

KALISPELL, Mont., – Montana physical therapy clinic Professional Therapy Associates reports that approximately half of the practice’s patients are seeking treatment for back pain, and asserts that their results corroborate recent research regarding the effectiveness of physical therapy for low back pain.

Two separate reports from the Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg suggest that physical activity and physical therapy are effective for the treatment of back pain. One researcher found that patients suffering from acute low back pain recovered more quickly when advised to stay active, compared to those advised to adjust activity according to their pain.(1) Another researcher determined that early access to customized physical therapy treatment resulted in clinical improvement for patients suffering from low back pain.(2)

“These study findings correlate to the results we’ve seen with our own physical therapy patients,” said Blaine Stimac, owner and CEO of Professional Therapy Associates. “Back pain is actually one of the most common reasons patients seek our services. Whether it’s due to a work or home injury, car accident, insidious onset or other cause, approximately one out of every two patients comes to us with some type of back pain. Through exercise and other therapist-supervised activities, physical therapy can help patients recover quickly from injuries and alleviate many forms of chronic pain – including low back pain.”

Stimac employs a team of licensed Montana physical therapists, and notes that his staff has earned a reputation for proven results. “All of our back-pain patients have achieved successful outcomes. In fact, we’re known as the ‘spine specialists’ of Flathead Valley. Our therapists are adept at evaluating each new patient to determine the underlying cause of their discomfort, and creating individualized treatment plans designed to reduce pain quickly and help the body heal itself,” he stated.

“Many people suffer needlessly from back pain. Some dismiss it as part of the aging process; others ignore their pain, thinking it will go away on its own,” explained Stimac. “It’s important to realize that pain of any kind is not normal; it’s your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. As numerous studies have shown, physical therapy not only helps patients build strength and mobility, but it can also minimize and eliminate all types of pain.”

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