Successful Outcomes, Convenient Locations and 100 Years of Combined Experience Make Professional Therapy Associates in Montana’s Flathead Valley a Top Destination for Physical Therapy

KALISPELL, Mont., Sept 6, 2011 – Since 1988, Professional Therapy Associates (PTA) has developed a reputation as a leading provider of physical therapy services in the Flathead Valley. PTA has grown substantially over the past 23 years, but one thing remains the same: a proven track record of achieving results.

“Celebrating our practice’s twenty-third year in business is a real milestone for our team. It’s inspired all of us to reflect on the advances we’ve made as practitioners and the successful outcomes we’ve helped our patients to achieve,” remarked Blaine Stimac, owner and CEO of Professional Therapy Associates. “Patients often come to us with severe injuries or debilitating pain; and over the course of their treatment program, we can see visible progress at each session. There’s nothing more rewarding than helping a client regain full mobility or achieve freedom from pain.”

Stimac attributes the practice’s steady growth to its demonstrated ability to deliver results. PTA began as a single clinic on Idaho Street in Kalispell. Today, it is recognized as a premier destination for physical therapy in Montana, with four locations throughout the Flathead Valley. In addition to the main location on Whitefish Stage Road on the North side of Kalispell, they have three additional branches in Downtown Kalispell, Whitefish and Columbia Falls. The practice employs 13 licensed physical therapists, who collectively have more than 100 years of combined physical therapy experience.

“Our patients benefit from having access to physical therapists with a variety of specializations. While all of our therapists are highly educated and skilled, many have expertise in treating particular conditions,” explained Stimac. “When a new patient comes in for an initial consultation, the evaluating therapist may refer that client to another practitioner within the clinic to ensure the patient works with the person who is most qualified to provide treatment for his or her condition.  As a general rule, however, our group is particularly known for treating conditions of the spine, i.e. back and neck pain and dysfunction.”

As professionally trained musculoskeletal experts, PTA’s physical therapists analyze movement patterns, strengths and weaknesses to identify the cause of a patient’s condition. “Physical therapy is able to deliver results because it focuses on treating the source of the pain or impediment. We help to heal patients’ ailments and injuries through hands-on therapy and targeted exercises, addressing the root cause of the pain and providing an effective, long-term solution. That’s why a growing number of physicians are referring their patients to us, and why patients are taking the initiative to ask for referrals – they recognize that we can play a vital role in helping to achieve optimal outcomes,” noted Stimac.

“At Professional Therapy Associates, our purpose is to help people improve their life and the way they live life by not letting physical injury, discomfort or pain stop them from doing what they want – be it work, sport, recreation or just typical daily activities. We are committed to and take considerable pride in providing our patients with exceptional care that is considered to be well above and beyond industry standards. We are results-driven and hold high expectations when it comes to our clients’ care,” asserted Stimac, who credits his team’s dedication and goal-oriented approach as key factors in the practice’s continued success.

Stimac encourages prospective clients to contact their local PTA clinic to learn how physical therapy can aid in their rehabilitation or help them overcome pain. Depending on their needs, PTA treatment programs may include manual physical therapy, strengthening exercises, flexibility exercises, stabilization, gait training, endurance training, functional training and/or aquatic therapy. Stimac and his team are eager to demonstrate why PTA has earned a reputation for delivering results over the past 23 years, and they look forward to helping many more clients achieve successful outcomes in the years to come.

To learn more about Professional Therapy Associates, visit or call one of the four clinics within Flathead Valley: Kalispell North –  Professional Therapy Associates Celebrates 23 Years of Proven Physical Therapy Results in Flathead Valley numbers button skype logo406-756-7878 ; Downtown Kalispell –  Professional Therapy Associates Celebrates 23 Years of Proven Physical Therapy Results in Flathead Valley numbers button skype logo406-257-5610 ; Whitefish –  Professional Therapy Associates Celebrates 23 Years of Proven Physical Therapy Results in Flathead Valley numbers button skype logo406-862-5033 ; or Columbia Falls –  Professional Therapy Associates Celebrates 23 Years of Proven Physical Therapy Results in Flathead Valley numbers button skype logo406-892-7999 .

About Professional Therapy Associates and Blaine Stimac

Professional Therapy Associates (PTA) is an established provider of physical therapy in Northwest Montana. Founded in Kalispell in 1988, the practice has expanded to include four convenient locations throughout Flathead Valley. In addition to its flagship Kalispell North facility, PTA also has clinics in Downtown Kalispell (Flathead Health and Fitness), Whitefish (The Wave) and Columbia Falls (Columbia Falls Clinic). Owner and CEO Blaine Stimac is a licensed Physical Therapist in Montana, and holds a Master of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Montana. He and his team offer a full range of services, including manual physical therapy, sports medicine, therapeutic exercise and biofeedback, as well as treatment for back and neck injuries, motor vehicle injuries and work-related injuries. For more information, visit