#PRinHistory – What Do Big Pharma and Jailbirds Have in Common?

It is interesting how history manages somehow to repeat itself. When are lessons ever learned? When do organizations and individuals take the opportunity and stand up for something besides themselves? In the aforementioned Mylan PR debacle, we made case and point that there were historical reasons not to make such a transparently despicable move all in the name of increased profits. In fact, big pharma has a huge history of price gouging and taking advantage of the public that requires their products (https://www.thestreet.com/story/13686962/1/pharma-has-history-of-price-gouging-mylan-should-be-no-surprise.html).

#PRinHistory –  What Do Big Pharma and Jailbirds Have in Common?

Who can forget the smug smile of Martin Shkreli when he was hauled before congress as he justified his pricing? Moreover, who can forget the picture of Martin Shkreli when he was arrested? Karma has a way of catching up with you and PR is no exception.

Public Relations cannot take a backseat to history. PR helps shape the world especially in this day of social media. Eventually, the truth will win out so why not take a proactive stance and put history on your side. In the past PR has had a very shaky side going back to the “fathers” of modern public relations Ivy Lee and Edward Bernays.

From the moment, Lee cobbled together his first press release for Standard Oil and its founder John D. Rockefeller he created a system of one-way propaganda. Bernays believed his work was an applied social science meant to manipulate public opinion. Therefore, PR’s shady past is closely linked with propaganda and a tool to manipulate and manage.

Fortunately, thanks to public relations firms that share the same beliefs as JoToPR, public relations has been developed as a much more far-reaching tool – it is a provider of knowledge and information. Media depends on PR pros for news and info more than ever before. Moreover, the depth of reach of social media shows no boundaries as before. The simple action of posting on the Internet and going viral can set off a tsunami of response. This is the domain of public relations.

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