#PRinHistory: Nazi Germany’s Manipulation of PR

One of the most devastatingly successful public relations campaigns was run by Nazi Germany. I said public relations because under the guise of PR, propaganda made a huge stronghold on the world. The Nazi propaganda machine was like none other, coercing the world press and politicians to believe in its “lofty” goals. In fact, the Nazis actually hired an American PR firm, Carl Byoir and Associates to do press work for the state sponsored German Railroads Information Bureau which glorified the Fuhrer. That is beyond disgusting – but there you have it, my friends… the industry needs cleaning up STILL, evidence by shoddy sales and “no-result” practices continuing today.

Did you know that Adolf Hitler was actually portrayed on the cover of Time Magazine and named 1938 Man of the Year? Imagine being on such a god-forsaken PR team and having to promote the heinous acts of Hitler and his cohorts. How unethical a stance would that be?

Eventually, the world saw through the PR maze what the Nazi propaganda machine had created, but it took a while. And you wonder how people could have thought what he did was OK? The power of propaganda, PR’s ugly nemesis.

Unfortunately, unethical PR firms still exist. While nowhere near as notorious as the Nazis’ they are still very destructive, preying on the ill-informed and destroying their businesses