#PRFail: Hoodwinked by Fake PR Firms

In the category of “There oughta be a law,” comes the situation involving PR firms that not only don’t practice what they preach but go to some lengths to circumvent ethics and proceed to take their clients to the cleaners. Let’s face it, the public relations industry needs to do more about policing itself. The kinds of situations, I am about to tell you about are just downright unethical and in reality, criminal. This is a PR Fail for the entire industry.

Unfortunately, there are many unethical PR firms sucking the life out of startups by overcharging them for services and under delivering, thus causing these startups to have an even harder time getting off the ground. These agencies give the PR industry a horrid reputation with the result of turning off business owners. It is such a negative influence that these owners grow to feel that not only do they not need PR but don’t want it! Bottom-line – they’ve been hoodwinked!

You should read this linked article to get the lowdown of how these swindles work. Here is an excerpt of buyer beware!

“Scams just come in different ways, and the latest major con game is being played on startups on the blindfold. They don’t realize it! In a dying media world where quality coverage has become invaluable to a rising startup, public relations agencies charge startups anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000+ per month for their services. Unfortunately, these “services” involve a lot of smoke and mirrors that are designed to bilk startups. Every penny counts when you are growing and maneuvering your startup to the top. Unluckily there are predators everywhere. The grass is greener on the other side, that’s where people come and scramble.

#PRWin: JOTO PR Disruptors…the Anti-PR PR Solution Redemption

Fortunately, there are good guys out there and speaking modestly that includes JoTo. We have an extraordinary dislike for hanky-panky and work very hard for our clients to provide them with the utmost in professional care. Herein lies our story:

Too often in the PR world, six months can go by with one or two stories with PR firms telling clients “we need more information” or “we’re working on it.”

To Karla Jo Helms, the Founder and Chief Evangelist for JoTo Public Relations, this is intolerable and an unfortunate turn that this has become “normal” in this industry. Our approach is very much an “anti-PR” approach.

PR Needs to be Redefined

The PR industry has lost touch with reality resting on past accomplishments and failing to deliver the results today’s companies need. It’s simple: there’s way too much ‘smoke and mirrors’ in the PR world and not enough delivery of results. We exist to change that standard and revolutionize how PR is not only perceived but in terms of measurable ROI. As a business owner, I know every dollar must work hard for my company so I share that sentiment with our clients.

We come from the Crisis Management side of the world, where time is not a luxury. We apply all that we learned in Crisis Management to give every client the kind of results and exposure they were seeking in the first place.

Unlike TV dramas, we don’t wait for some scandal to pull out all the stops to get you the press and continual coverage you need. (Actually, we consider it a scandal if you don’t get press and respond accordingly.) No excuses. No smoke and mirrors. We convert PR from a “necessary evil” to “an integral part of your growth strategy” clients and CEOs rely upon and gladly report to their stakeholders.  Look at this snapshot of the current public relations industry and how JoTo is going about changing it!

Our motto: “PR isn’t the answer. Results are.”


The current PR standard

The anti-PR position (JoTo)

Status quoDisruptive, do-what-it-takes attitude
Self-importantInterested and obsessed with results
Over-promise, under-deliverKnown for results, deliver those results
“We’re trying” smoke and mirrorsThe know-how to produce stellar results
Mostly presenting themselves as one big impersonal machinePresenting this with a human side and the hands-on guidance, with Karla Jo’s expertise in Crisis Management and history as an innovator, disruptor and restless CEO who is never satisfied with ‘OK”
Firms focused on their own greatnessFocused on the client’s greatness and getting that known in the world.
Grandfathered techniquesTechniques originated in crisis-management and applied to everyday PR
Apathetic “We are a scandal” standard operation 24-7Unlike TV dramas, we don’t wait for some scandal to pull out all the stops to get you the press and continual coverage you need. (Actually we consider it a scandal if you don’t get press.)
They focus on one hitWe focus on continuous press (that aligns to market research that we’ve conducted)


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