What do you call a business that has second-to-none products and services, is led by a CEO with tremendous business know-how and experience, but no publicity? No public relations effort?

I call it likely doomed to failure.

I know, that’s a really harsh thing to say, but time and time again it’s proven to be very true.

Consider this. For many years, the average number businesses that perished in their first year was around 80%. And now we have COVID-19 wreaking havoc. What do you think that percentage looks like now?

Even before lockdowns became the order of the day and the in a much healthier (pun intended) economic environment, trust was not something that just happened. It wasn’t just bestowed upon companies, no matter how loudly or often they said they were “the most trusted.” Somebody, or more accurately, the right somebodies, trusted that business enough to tell others.

And our clients are no exception – and it’s JOTO PR Disruptors’ job to get them in front of the reputable sources that will broadcast the well-deserved third-party credibility they seek. One client in particular stood out to me – Eliot Dinkin, President and CEO of Cowden Associates, Inc.

Now there was a client with the best of all possible conundrums. Cowden business was ensuring their clients’ employee benefits were cost-effective, attractive, legally compliant. No small feat to be sure – and Cowden had a proven track record for getting the job done right. But that was with a small stable of clients. The same clients. Rinse and repeat. And they were looking at the possibility of stagnation. That’s bad for growth.

So, what did JoTo PR do? We helped Cowden get that coveted third-party credibility. You may be thinking that one big, well-known publication with an audience in the millions can do just that. And that’s certainly true, but it’s not the “be all end all” of goals here. It’s not just about the audience numbers – it’s about the right audience, too. That’s more often than not found in the smaller, industry-specific outlets that give your business exposure to the businesses, C-level executives, and investors that have an interest in your industry.

And that’s where we’ve established our own proven track record – our ability to find the proper media outlets, get them into the most suitable stories, and provide the intriguing angles that get and hold the readers, listeners, and even viewers’ – in rapt attention.

Cowden, once a relatively obscure financial business, saw real results in real short time:

“We have been pleased with the steady stream of media stories being published about Cowden Associates—15 stories in 3 months, hitting targeted readers and solidifying our credibility. The Law360 publication, in particular, we know is difficult to get into and we have been featured in it twice. The publicity is really securing our position as an authority in our industry.”

Eliot Dinkin, President & CEO, Cowden Associates, Inc.


Just so you know, he continued achieve A LOT more placements – more than 100! – in just two years.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking about – the EXPOSURE. The CREDIBILITY. And the MASSIVE ROI it generated for Cowden’s growth.

And I’ll bet right about now you’re thinking about the potential for your own business.


Your current client base knows just how much of an industry expert you are – you just need a way to get the word out so third parties start doing your reputation-building for you.

But first, you’re going to need EXPOSURE to gain that CREDIBILITY – then you’ll see what that’ll do for your revenue!

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