Sure, you’ve heard of good press and bad press. Of course, it’s the former that you’re always wanting and the latter you take pains to avoid. But have you ever heard of having TOO MUCH press?

Well, neither have we. Because there ain’t no such thing.

Every organization, no matter how big they’ve become today, started at the bottom. Nobody had ever heard of them or bought their product or service. They were…nobody.

They weren’t trusted.

But through valid and newsworthy publicity and REAL public relations they built a reputation, gained that trust, and saw ROI.

Take one of my clients, Patrick Valtin, CEO of Hire Box. He came to JOTO PR Disruptors with a problem common to a lot of businesses – a lack of reputation in the industry.

As Mr. Valtin put it, he needed “…more visibility and recognition in a very competitive market.” It’s not that they had a bad product or needed damage control – they simply weren’t known in the industry. They already had excellent services, sure. But they wanted to grow, and services alone could only take them so far.

Because no matter how good you are, it means nothing if you haven’t built a reputation. And to do that, you’re going to need to third-party credibility from sources that are reputable as well. If your audience already trusts those sources that will vouch for you, then you’re on your way to becoming trusted.

The trick here is how to build that credibility and hold on to it.

Enter PR, or today because of all the shysters, the term for REAL PR is ANTI-PR.

Advertising and promoting products and services isn’t the end-all be-all answer. In fact, if you haven’t done any PR beforehand, those dollars you spent – you spent way too much – because without trust, reputation and credibility you have to speak WAY MORE in marketing to get traction. It’s when others say how awesome you are that makes a notable difference.

When you have that kind of backing, you’ve hit the sweet spot. Sweet ROI.

To get there, you need to know where to concentrate your third-party credibility efforts.

Questions need answering such as:

  • Who is your reputable audience?
  • What media do they consume?
  • What problems do they have that you can solve?

Mr. Valtin put his trust in us to run his Anti-PR campaign, and as he requested, “develop reputation and exposure, through publications, radio and podcast interviews.” Then we got to work.

Like I said, third-party credibility is what we sought. So how does media exposure such as nationally recognized publications like Entrepreneur with its audience of millions, a live radio interview broadcasted to major metropolitan areas, and story placements in numerous relevant trade publications sound?

That should sound like music to your ears. It did to Mr. Valtin: “I was quickly and regularly requested for interviews with big magazines which, just by their names, were worth 10X the investment.” His words.

Through targeted, repeat exposure Mr. Valtin, wasn’t looking for the media – the media was coming to HIM! Asking HIM for his thought leadership and expertise. That’s what you’re looking for: That’s the sweet spot of TRUST that he came to us for – and he got a Royal Flush.

“I have used JoTo PR services for a while, to get more visibility and recognition in a very competitive market. Being aware that one needs to “rise above the noise,” I hired the firm to develop reputation and exposure, through publications, radio and podcast interviews. I was quickly and regularly requested for interviews with big magazines which, just by their names, were worth 10X the investment. If you are looking for a “No-B.S.-type” of PR agency which stands behind you and represents your company with the highest professional standards, I strongly recommend you talk to them.”

– Patrick Valtin, CEO
International Speaker and Author of No-Fail Hiring 2.0


You’re now seeing the importance of building and maintaining trust, aren’t you? Good!

So just how are we going to get your business on the fast track to that thar’ sweet ROI you’re looking for?

To start, in one phone call, we’ll succinctly lay out the proven stages of ROI including:

Illustrating how your DISRUPTIVE influence – breaking down initial barriers to get your message to the right audience – earning you real traction and motivating sales.

Showing how your messaging gets more and more placements – getting you massive media EXPOSURE – and watching as clients both current and new start opening their wallets.

Demonstrating how pushing past the noise with your consistent messaging – establishing your INFLUENCE as your industry’s “go to” voice – and securing ongoing sales, growth – and expansion.

We’re not stopping there. This same call will also give you professionally researched insight into:

  • Imperfections in your current PR strategy that can have you losing revenue and potential sales to naysayers.
  • Potential PR mistakes that you may be making that can give your competition an unforeseen – and company-sinking – advantage over you.
  • What it’s going to take for you – via expert analysis of your advantages, obstacles, and competition – to achieve that all-important Key Opinion Leader


And all we need from you is a little bit of your time. We call it our “30-Minute Anti-PR Consultation”.

No obligation. No charge. No, Seriously.

Let’s get you started.

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