Think about it: Just about everyone you know is on one or more social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). It’s not a trend or a fad. It’s now the norm. Sure you could argue that they started out as fads, new ways to talk you friends, but now it’s a multifaceted dynamic collection of communication tools for sharing ideas, views on and number of topics and most important to you: News.

Yes, news. In fact, to give you an example, about 43% of Facebook users actually utilize the platform as a news source.1 Let that little tidbit sink in.

And they’re not just passively absorbing the information and moving on. Hardly. Users engage with that news, the very sources of that news in many cases, and they take it one more step – they do what comes natural to social animals – They share it. And they share A LOT. That is awesome news for you and your business.

So why the hell haven’t you been using these platforms to their fullest? You’ve signed up for accounts on at least one of the big ones, and put up a post here and there…and then forgot about it? Am I right?

You want eyeballs on your brand. You want your business’s name high up on the search engines. Well, that doesn’t happen when you sit by and wait. You’ve got to engage with your audience first.

We showed one of our clients, Infobionic, just how effective they could be. They came to us with a new product, a next-generation remote heart monitoring device that you could call the epitome of a market DISRUPTION. Their monitor was much smaller, non-invasive, and provided superior capabilities. By comparison, older devices looked like antiques, yet those devices were practically ubiquitous – and theirs, virtually unknown. Heart patients would love the less obstructive device. Doctors could better help those same patients with the additional information they provided.

Why wasn’t Infobionic a news headline? They weren’t sharing. That’s why in addition to targeting larger media outlets and smaller, industry-specific media sources, we concentrated on an aggressive social media campaign.

And it was through our social media efforts that we created and built awareness of InfoBionic’s leadership in remote cardiac monitoring first.

What’s the lesson here? No matter how good your product or service is, nobody cares if they don’t know you or your business. Regular and constant engagement on social media built up CEO Stuart Long as the thought leader in his field. He provided a bevy of expertise on IT, heart devices and other medical technologies, which in turn built the trust that he needed to create the backing his device needed in the marketplace. And how do we know? Well, his own team told us just how effective our efforts were for them:


“A big thank you and high five to the entire JOTO PR team. Through the content you have created we are showcasing our expertise and building trust with our followers. By sharing our thought leadership through media placements, email, website, SEO, events and social media we have a successful, working marketing engine.

“You have made sure the world knows about InfoBionic and now we are telling the world that we are indeed the very best choice for remote cardiac monitoring. We are so grateful for everything you have done to create and curate our social media presence.

“Just looking at our media page on our website show the power of everything the JOTO PR team has accomplished to date. Thank you!”

– Karen Jimenez, Senior Director of Marketing, InfoBionic


That’s the kind of news to me that stops the presses.


Got a new product that’ll knock the older one out of the water? What about a new service that’s sure to DISRUPT your industry?

Then you’ll need JOTO PR Disruptor’s team of social media experts who know just how to target the audience you’re looking for. One that will share your message far and wide – because that’s what engaging with your audience does for you and your name.

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