You know, my clients are at the top of their respective games; their products and services are the best of the best! They’re solving their own clients’ problems and have earned their reputation over and over again. And that’s exactly what you want to be doing. But as a business leader, you do not rest on your laurels do ya?

Of course not! You envision bigger goals – more clients, expansion, increased revenue – and you’re looking for way to make all of them happen. And the best way to get your solutions across to your target market is to craft precise, professional messaging that speaks to that audience’s needs, resonates like a gong in their heads, and turns into that ROI you’re looking for.

Perhaps you’ve tried crafting that message yourself. You know WHAT you want to say, but the real trick is HOW to say it! Not such an easy task is it.

I’ll bet that’s what you’re thinking right now, but you’re doing the equivalent of looking at a blank sheet of paper.

Hey, don’t knock yourself – writing may not be your wheelhouse – you’re got a lot of your plate that’s well within your skill set and that’s where you kick ass. Think of it like this – everybody can write. But not everybody is a professional writer. That of writing you need doesn’t merely describe what you do, or how long you’ve been doing it, but makes it newsworthy – it’s writing that gets the media to sit up and pay attention and generate news stories.

That’s what one of my long-time clients, Monica Eaton-Cardon, co-founder and COO of Chargebacks911 learned a long time ago.

Chargebacks911 was credit card dispute management company that managed the complex relationships between merchants, the merchants’ acquiring banks, the credit card issuing banks, the consumers, and themselves. Not an easy thing to explain to a prospect for sure, especially those not well-versed in credit card fraud. What’s more, Chargebacks911 was utilizing her own unique technology that was already proving highly effective at reducing their current clients’ fraud risk. Yet another complexity to communicate to prospects.

That’s where JOTO PR Disruptors delivered Ms. Eaton-Cardone much needed news content that cast her company in the best possible light, with a clear, concise message that showed why they were an essential service for each stakeholder in the credit card services relationship – and therein create the want. These messages not only called attention to problems merchant services faced, but most importantly, outlined cost-effective solutions.

I’m happy to say to Ms. Eaton-Cardone’s great delight, our content writing services gave her business the boost she was hoping for – it got her message understood – her clients took real action (and got her that lovely ROI she wanted).

“Karla Jo Helms and her firm JoTo PR has significantly helped us amplify our exposure, not just in numbers but more importantly in the quality and relevance of our messages. This is the kind of gain that helps build a stable future for Chargebacks911 and open windows of opportunity that were not possible before.”

Monica Eaton-Cardone, Co-Founder and COO, Chargebacks911


Having professionals craft your messaging is SO MUCH better than sitting in front of a blank sheet of paper, isn’t it?

You might have that thing called writer’s block – but we don’t know what that is around here.

In fact, once you’ve gotten to know you and your business, we’ll have more than enough to say that will get your own prospects calling – and your sales hopping.

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