I get it: you’ve been working in your industry for years, decades even. You had a reliable stable of clients, steady ROI, and you were growing your business. You were on it. And then…2020.

I won’t go into those details – you’ve already heard plenty about it. But I will point out that the BIG reason you’re here reading this is because you’re the kind of business leader that isn’t just going to take a punch to the gut and go back to your corner.

Nope, you and I both know that recent events have wreaked havoc on our economy, and in turn, your business. Whatever business plan you had – up until recently that was working – and well, we both also know what happened to that. You’re actively seeking new ideas, new solutions and new avenues to get your business, well, back to business.

Case in point: before the 2020 chaos hit, I had a client, C. Brown, Founder & CEO and Payscout, Inc. who presented me with the kind of challenge: how to take a pretty much obscure company payment processing provider from relative obscurity to a readily recognized leader in their industry. In short, despite their excellent services and great track record, they were…well, anonymous.

Challenge accepted.

Mr. Brown already knew where he stood in the realm of public opinion – there wasn’t one. In business, that’s not good at all. You NEED to build awareness before you can even think of getting results. But he also knew what he wanted his company to be recognized – as a globally recognized in the payment process and merchant industries on a global scale.

Here’s where ANTI-PR – the kind that eschews “smoke and mirrors” for real, measurable, tangible results comes in. (Ahem) ROI, anyone?

But any PR worth its salt doesn’t come from “throwing darts” luck or some “Eureka!” moment – ANTI-PR is going to work ONLY if there’s a solid plan behind it.

And that’s a Strategic Communications Plan.

It’s a fine-tuned process, starting with that all-important first step – Market Research – the intelligence we build through learning the mindsets of your audience, competitors, the media, and your own employees. It’s the foundation for every decision we’ll make going forward.

But that’s just start, because remember, we’re ANTI-PR — exactly what PR isn’t. That “one size fits all” approach that never gets you measurable results.

Instead, from our research we’ll formulate a PR strategy specially designed not only for you, but that fits right for your own strategic business plan – taking into account every part (social media, PR, marketing efforts, sales) – and once implemented, we’ll constantly scrutinize the results and measure your ROI along the way.

How’s that for precision?

And what did Payscout get out of it?

700 new domestic accounts.

300 new international accounts.

A partnership with one of the largest companies in the world, Alibaba (Maybe you’ve heard of them?)

And they’re not done by a longshot. How’s that for ROI?

I’ll let C. Brown speak for himself and Payscout:

“JoTo PR really gets it. They matched our fast-paced, no-nonsense business approach and kept pace with us, helping Payscout to stay one step in front of our growth curve. Through our relationship with JoTo PR, we’ve come to understand not only how important corporate-level PR is to establishing momentum, but also to a company’s ability to increase and maintain consistent momentum. If there is any secret to PR, it is in maintaining momentum and the JoTo PR team is an expert at guiding a company through such an initiative.”

You’ve got your ROI in mind – and we’ve got your PR strategic communications team ready to get to work on your personalized plan.

Alright then. Let’s make a new plan, “Stan!”

How’s a complimentary PR evaluation to start? Good!

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