One business. 30 media stories. In one year. Yes, you read that right. 30 stories.

And just how does that happen??? How does one business get that much press???

You might be thinking that is MUST be bad if anyone gets that much attention and it’s then a crisis situation.

But that was NOT the case with my client, Stu Sjouwerman of KnowBe4, LLC. Now, this a company that was just getting started. As a provider of web-based Internet Security Awareness Training to small and medium-sized businesses, they were pretty much unknown – so no press at all. Which can be worse than even bad press if you can believe that.

So, when Stu came to me, we knew an aggressive media strategy was definitely in order. He and his company need some serious media exposure – serious DISRUPTION – that made publications, from industry-specific trades to the major players – sit up and take notice.

KnowBe4 had an industry expert at its helm, a data security expert with more than 30 years of IT industry experience, an author of four cybersecurity books, and co-founder of an award-winning anti-malware software company. Incredible credentials to say the least. But all of that doesn’t mean anything unless we go the word out. And that’s why Press Releases were needed.

This isn’t about Stu patting himself on the back by telling the world how awesome he was. No, he could speak as a thought leader and well-seasoned expert on the relevant topics his audience wanted to hear and read on cybersecurity how they could protect themselves. That’s hard news. That’s the stuff people want. They don’t want to hear that you’re the best at what you do – they want answers. Solutions no one else can provide.

That gets you that coveted third-party credibility, verifying and validating all that experience and expertise.

And through targeted, hard-hitting media stories we got KnowBe4 into numerous well-respected publications. The Wall Street JournalHuffington Post. CBS. Just to mention a few you might have heard of.

THAT’s what hard news got Stu and KnowBe4. Like the man said:

“The public relations initiatives we’ve implemented with JoTo PR have yielded tremendous results. It can be difficult for a startup to gain attention and respect within an industry; this requires a concerted and ongoing effort. JoTo has helped us get the word out about who we are, what we do and why we are experts in our field.

“By combining a superior product with consistent and continuous PR messaging, we have emerged as a major contender in the Internet security training sector with the space of one year. We’ve received a lot of good press, and we’ve been featured in local and national news stories.

“We now have a growing client base and enthusiastic affirmations as to the effectiveness of our training system. These successes would not be possible if we hadn’t actively focused on building awareness and credibility.”

Stu Sjouwerman, CEO & Founder KnowBe4


You’ve got your own team of experts, a kick-a$$ product, and solutions that’ll rock your industry. All just waiting to be heard. And yet nobody knows who you are.  We can help you change that.  

You’re just poised to be awesome news to the public – and you to Recognition, ROI and Real profits!

So, let’s talk about spreading your good news!

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