#PRWIN: Thanksgiving Makes “The List”

Family praying holding hands at Thanksgiving

Our traditional thanksgiving food made The List’s 5 Facts you’ll be thankful to know.(1)


  1. We Consume 4,500 Calories On Turkey Day!

According to the Calorie Control Council, about 3,000 calories are from the meal and 1,500 from all the snacking and nibbling throughout the day.

  1. Thanksgiving Dinner Led To The Invention Of The TV Dinner

In 1953, Swanson overestimated the amount of turkey people would eat by 260 tons. Instead of letting it go to waste, one of their sales team members came up with a quick and easy meal inspired by the airlines. By 1954 they perfected the frozen meal by combining turkey with cornbread dressing, peas, and sweet potatoes.

  1. The average meal estimate for feeding is 10 people (and it was about $50 per person in 2015).

THXGIVING_AVE_COSTIf you have not done the math – that is 45,000 calories at ONE table.

  1. The Writer Of “Mary Had a Little Lamb” Also Loved Thanksgiving

Sarah Josepha Hale was a big proponent for the day and helped convince Abraham Lincoln to make it a holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. In 1941, congress wrote it into law.

  1. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Is Tied Is The Second Oldest Parade For The Day

Started in 1924 it is the same age as America’s Thanksgiving Parade in Detroit. The oldest is the Thanksgiving parade in Philadelphia, 96 years and going strong.

Say grace! That’s 5 Things You Didn’t Know about Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving to All!


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