PR TIP of the Week: How PR Drives Sales

micsFor our loyal JoTo Mojo readers, we are including a JoTo PR Tip – keep reading to learn how to leverage your PR to drive sales.

PR is influential in promoting your brand or company but unless it’s done correctly, you run the risk of wasting not only time, but also your money and energy. JoTo PR enjoys sharing the wealth so below are three tips to remember to get the most out of your PR services:

PR makes your brand credible. Ask yourself this: are consumers more likely to listen to a random ad about a product or take suggestions from a reputable source? Consumers see advertising as a sales pitch – they immediately know that a company is simply trying to sell them something. With PR, you get third party endorsements which enhance your credibility. If you find yourself question whether to invest in advertising or PR, always choose PR. You will thank yourself in the long run.

Post news to every avenue available. Whether it be your company website, social media or a company blog, people look for timely information on your website. Consumers need to know that you are placing as much emphasis on your business as you are on them – keeping your website up-to-date reads as though your company is proactive and an expert in its industry.

 Keep it business-oriented, not personal. Let’s be honest here. People don’t care about you, your life or your new company. The reporters that receive your press releases and pitches have heard the same spiel from every company that contacted her this week. What the media wants to know is what your company can do for the public. Why is your company important? How is it different? What is the effect of your product? Those are the questions you need to answer.

The above serve as the basics to getting a company grooved into every aspect of PR – use, recycle and repurpose them to get the most out of your PR.

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