PR Talk: 3 Key Types Of Media To Know

PR Talk

PR is vital for any brand that hopes to increase its visibility and build its presence. To be effective, many brands use various channels to put their message across. Collectively, these channels are referred to as “media.”

Media branches into three categories: 

  • Owned media, or web media
  • Earned media, or news media
  • Shared media, or social media 

For a PR campaign of any company to thrive, it has to include all three on an equal level. Each of them has a crucial part to play.

In web media, you are the boss. You make content and get to decide when to release it to the public and where to deliver it from Webinars, your site, a blog, the options are endless.

For news media, you get the chance to market your company, mostly through media relations, and appear in a news story.

Lastly, in social media, you get to increase your publicity on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Indeed, and LinkedIn.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s delve deeper into each media for purposes of further understanding.

Web Media

Also known as owned media, this is the visual, textual, and audio means of communication shared on the web. It may include interactivity with the user, graphics, videos, and photos. 

For it to serve its purpose effectively, a website must communicate the right information to your target audience, be easy to navigate and, of course, be appealing.

Earned Media

Also referred to as news media, this is arguably the largest and most widely used form of media. 

At first, it was made up of broadcast news, i.e., television and radio and print media (newsmagazines and newspapers) until recently when the Internet (news blogs, online newspapers, etc.) was added. Bloggers are highly influential and when dealing with them, one follows the same rules as traditional media.

In this media, a third party creates content relating to your services, brand, and products. This is called third-party credibility. Other sites apart from your own publish your content or content about you.

There are various ways to attract media exposure for your company:

  • Work with individual journalists. This is a definite way to go if you’re hoping to get your company featured in a story. It’s also ideal if you wish to land an interview.
  • Involvement in local events. You could volunteer for a charity event.
  • Submitting a press release.

Social Media

Also called shared media, some people argue that it’s a part of news media. Well, not exactly. Social media platforms license or lease an account to you. That being the case, they have the power to take away your account whenever they please as per their terms and conditions.

That said, shared media is evolving rapidly. Many organizations use it as their primary source of communication. Do you have a company and need quality PR campaigns to get it out there? Look no further than JoTo PR. We believe that PR is more than just publicity and use the right methods to get your company to the top, where it belongs. Contact us today for more information.

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