PR Services in the Innovative State of Florida

innovationRecent studies show that Florida, dubbed by some as the “innovation state,” is highly entrepreneurial – more so than any other state. As a national PR firm with a global reach, JoTo PR undoubtedly embodies Florida’s ambitious spirit.

Florida is well-known as an inventive state – the “Sunshine State” is about 30 percent more entrepreneurial than the nation as a whole and its entrepreneurs are more likely to take their business global (1).

Because Florida is a global and a high-ranking media market, JoTo has access to news and media contacts not just in Florida, but all over the United States.

As Florida is on the forefront in news in many activities – finance, tech and healthcare – JoTo encompasses the ability to use that news in real-time for our clients.

Read on to learn how JoTo PR extends its capabilities throughout the nation.

Novus Medical Detox is a premier facility which treats high-dosage substance abuse patients. With the rise of prescription drug abuse and the re-introduction of heroin into American society, Novus (with JoTo’s help) took the opportunity to educate the public on the dangers of substance abuse. Novus has been featured as an expert in several notable publications and as a result of a steady PR campaign, the facility recently received accreditation from The Joint Commission. Recognition from The Joint Commission, the nation’s oldest and largest standards-setting and accrediting body in healthcare, is widely recognized by a majority of state governments.

With the recent NSA leak putting Americans on heightened alert, internet security firm and longtime JoTo client, KnowBe4, chose to assuage the public’s fears and increase their safety by offering comprehensive, at-home security training designed to protect the personal information of American individuals and families. KnowBe4 founder, Stu Sjouwerman, has been featured in industry press, news interviews and recently cinched a contract with a 150,000-seat company.

JoTo’s main industries are finance, tech and healthcare – but because team JoTo consists of business PR’s, we understand business PR as a whole and are able to take on clients in other industries where business PR will benefit them the most, in particular by increasing their bottom line.

So why should you choose JoTo PR?  We have access to national and global news and a market place that serves the world – because of that we have an advantage. And our advantage is your advantage.
~Karla Jo Helms

  1. Dahlberg, Nancy. “Florida Is Highly Entrepreneurial, but There’s Work to Do.” Miami Herald, 08 July 2013. Web. 10 July 2013.

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