publicityTVPublicity with PR Services – The Added Bonus to your Business Strategy

Public relations (PR) publicity is the medium through which you and/or your business becomes well-known and respected, so that your target audience is more comfortable and interested in interacting and doing business with you.

PR encourages people to start thinking a certain way about your company, vision, products or services before your marketing materials hit.  So, when your target public encounters your promotion you already have third-party credibility, i.e. – the media publicizing it generates people talking about it and recommending it…even those that do not know you.  It’s “word of mouth on steroids.”

Whatever tainted view your target market has of advertising or of a “sales pitch” is already diminished with top-notch PR and publicity.

It allows you to deliver your message and have your audience much more receptive to it because you have previously broken down the emotional barriers (with PR) before when your promotion begins.  It is the first step to creating a workable relationship with your audience.

JOTO_CHART_09182012Publicity Placements Tailored to Your PR Strategy

At JoTo, we have developed a structured approach to feeding your PR message to the world and for saturation of that message throughout your target market.

Through empirical observation from our years of PR work, we have codified the “PR food chain” of pick-ups, mentions, feature articles, and news segments.

To be a leader in your industry, or in your community, it takes persistence – you need to show longevity.  You are building a persona with publicity and PR, and building relationships. You have to be willing to insert your message into people’s minds, change their minds, and then maintain that position in their minds to increase your market share.

Our publicity placements follow an exact strategic plan, geared to building your PR message into a multi-tiered approach that puts you on top of the food chain.JoTo

success-growth-profitPublicity and PR Services = Bottom Line Success

There are many benefits that can be gained from publicity and PR. PR is the fuel that runs your marketing campaign and your sales process.  What you can expect with PR is:

  • Lowered cost per lead – an informed consumer is easier to find.
  • Increased marketing ROI (return on investment) – PR has a wide reach and can penetrate the marketplace making by making you known, respected, and credible before your promotional messages hit.
  • Augmented value of your business by: establishing you as the expert in the industry, increasing credibility for your brand and creating wide-reaching brand awareness.
  • Sales easier and faster – an informed consumer is easier to close.

Case in point:

Novus Medical Detox uses publicity and PR to boost their marketing dollars and their bottom line.  Through strategic media placements (see just a couple of their segments below), Novus has managed to get an 18% higher ROI from their marketing dollars, has doubled the amount of visitors to their website by 100% (4000 to 8000 per week) and they are increasing the number of beds to their facility by three times.  The only variable changed is adding publicity to their marketing campaign.

Novus Detox has gone from being unknown in their industry, despite being operative for seven years, to becoming a known entity with industry professionals knowing and recognizing them for what they do – all in just over 15 months.  That’s brand awareness that they can bank on – and do!

So contact us – 888-202-4614.  We know how to make PR equate to your bottom line.  As Business PRs, we know the process and metrics to measure so you are ensured results.

Karla Jo Helms