PR for business defined

How do you describe public relations?  Perhaps with one of these statements?

  • “It’s a bit of a crapshoot sometimes.”
  • “A totally separate discipline from marketing, with separate goals and strategies.”
  • “A series of actions that are expensive, slippery to manage and nearly impossible to measure.”

To the first two responses, I politely reply “Not really.”  To the last one, I confidently state, “Not with JoTo PR!  Read on and I’ll show you why.”

two-thumbs-up-300x149At JoTo, we’ve guided some of Florida’s leading companies through the uncertainty of media relations, social media and crisis management, with clear reporting, successful, measurable results and a surprisingly reasonable price.

While it’s true that marketing sells a product and PR sells the whole company, a firm’s PR goals and strategies must support its marketing goals.  No superstructure; no skyscraper.

I believe PR pioneer Ms. Denny Griswold got it right:

“Public relations is the management function which

  • evaluates public attitudes,
  • identifies the policies and procedures of an individual or an organization with the public interest, and
  • plans and executes a program of action to earn public understanding and acceptance.”  -Denny Griswold, PR Pathfinder

Because readers of our PR tips newsletter tend to be CEO’s of companies, we think you’ll easily agree that PR counsel must be unfiltered and report directly to top management.  You gave birth to this baby, and you need its report card to be honest and uncensored.

med_telegram-201x300Public acceptance is a trust that must be continuously earned.  No amount of public relations can bury a lack of integrity.  Accomplishment must precede publicity. Check out this month’s JoTo Out to see how one of the world’s most dominant brands tripped themselves up on this one.

Here’s to PR in the new millennium – the right way and always contributing to the bottom line,

Karla Jo Helms

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