PR Checklist: Four Points To Ensure Your PR Campaign’s Success

As a business owner, you know effective program management—of any aspect of operations—requires an organized process of steps.  It’s no different with public relations programs.

Help your PR firm help you by clarifying a few basics of the PR problem you need to solve.  Lay a foundation for the success of your next PR campaign with these four steps:

  1. Begin with your company’s brand value statement.  Review (or create) a sentence or two that concisely describes the value your company gives your clients and why your ideal customers should buy from you, rather than your competitors.
  2. Describe what you want this program to accomplish.  Do you want to increase sales of a particular product or service?  If so, by how much, during what time period?  Perhaps the employees who apply to your company tend not to have enough of the traits you want in your new hires.  What traits do you want to see more often?  Define a period of time you want more qualified candidates to apply for employment with your company.
  3. Define your target audience for this program.  Which individuals among your target audiences are you trying to inform and persuade?  Do you want to gain new customers in a particular industry, introduce a new product or service to existing customers, recruit new employees, influence pending legislation, or initiate relationships with prospective investors?
  4. Outline your budget for this program.  Just as you would not approach an attorney or accountant with a project without a budget in mind, think through the amount you are willing to spend on a public relations campaign.

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