Palm Harbor store utilizes community paper for publicity over other media

Manny of our clients around the country ask us to get them into their local community papers.  Why?  Because community papers are still read – and quite a bit over daily papers.

nna-logoAccording to the 2011 results of an annual survey conducted by he National Newspaper Association, readers in areas served by community newspapers continue to prefer the community newspaper as their source of local news and advertising. (1)

  • The study reported that 74% of people in communities served by a newspaper with circulations under 15,000 read a local newspaper each week.
  • They prefer the printed copy to the online version, with 48 percent saying they never read the local news online.
  • The survey indicates a majority of respondents believe that the [community] newspaper does a better job, provides more background and depth and is more useful to them personally than other news sources.
  • It reinforces not only the strong bond between local communities and their newspapers, but it demonstrates that people do value good journalism.

Other vital statistics from the study were positive:

  • 74% of those surveyed read a local newspaper each week.
  • Those readers, on average, share their paper with 2.33 persons.
  • They spend about 38.95 minutes reading their local newspaper.
  • 73% read most or all of their community newspaper.
  • 43.8% keep their community newspaper six or more days (shelf life).

The local community newspaper is the primary source of information about the local community for 51.8 percent of respondents compared to seeking information from friends and relatives (16 percent) and TV (13.2 percent.)

Brad Kugler of Kugler’s Golo Outlet in Palm Harbor, FL

KUGLERS_PALM_HARBOR_BEACONWith that said, another client of ours was featured on the front page of their community newspaper.  The story is about Kugler’s Golo Outlet, a new store specializing in refurbished goods.  But the story is far more amazing than that.  It’s about a company that can take more than 32 million tons, generated by 18 million Floridians and 80 million visitors to Florida every year and turn it into treasures for others to buy.

Check out the story out via

(1) Survey: Readers prefer community paper for news

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