Our Team

Every so often, by chance or by intent, a group of individuals comes along that get together and form an organization that stands above the norm. They exceed the expectations of most by taking extraordinary measures to establish themselves in a market, then work relentlessly to achieve their goals. In the course of their journey, these groups create innovative methodologies that bring life to whatever endeavor or market they address. They are one in a 1000, and you may only get the chance to work with such a collection of people once or twice in your business life. One such assemblage is the individuals working for JoTo PR. If you are fortunate enough to work with one or a few of these people, you’ll see firsthand what competence and professionalism looks like and can achieve.

Please meet the staff of JoTo PR:

Karla jo Helms

CEO & Chief Strategist

Jamie Sene

Chief Revenue Officer

Keith Whitter



Chief Operating Officer

  • Karen Barth

    Deputy Chief Strategist

  • Scott Roberts

    PR Project Manager

    PR Writers

    • Shay DeSimone
    • Peter Johnston
    • Carl Hagar
    • Bruce Boyers
    • Sarah Handzel
    • Kathy Lupa
    • Collin Swartz
    • Betsy Cramb
  • Ashley Richardson

    Media Relations Specialist

    Media Pitchers

    • Amber Clinton
    • Shay DeSimone
    • Betsy Cramb
    • Greg Pitt
    • Nicola Cassidy
    • Anna Robson
    • Carrie Snide

Market Research Specialists

  • Larry Jaffee
  • Gertie Perry
Glenn Jacinto

Client Results Advisor

Patrick O'Shea

Senior Tactical PR Advisor

Mike Dawson

Tactical PR Advisor

Winston Mcdaniel

Marketing Director Assistant

Marketing Writers

Emily Holland Bryn Johnson

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