Here’s a very cool and very instructive DIY (do-it-yourself) that should just get you off to a great start in the New Year. 2012 can be one filled with good fortune and success. It (our business future and fate) is in our own hands. Will we wash out and make a mockery of our goals and plans? Or will we take the proverbial bull by the horns and make things happen, creating something out of nothing at times. But that is part of the fun of the entrepreneurial spirit that engages each of us – that creative desire and impulse that knows no bounds.

Herein are the Official JoTo Press Release Guidelines to help you into the New Year.

  1. First of all is what you are righting about worthy of coverage. In other words do you actually have a story? There has to be something to it – blood, money, guts, glory – something and editor or writer can take notice.
  2. Does your headline attract attention and interest or does it suck? Make that headline zing.
  3. Your first paragraph has to tell the story. It has to be robust and full of life and draw the reader down into the release. It has to contain the 5 “W’s” – who, what, when, where, and of course why! Basic journalism 101. (I even add the HOW – it’s the icing on the cake!)
  4. Remember this is a press release. Its purpose is to plant a seed in the minds of editors and writers so they will write about you and your organization. You need to have enough information to create a taste and create want. You don’t want it to be too long so that it won’t be read either. It has to be just enough.
  5. Follow the AP Style Book and you should be in great shape. You want your release to read well and be grammatically correct. The AP Style will help you accomplish that. There are online versions, hard copies and even a Word plugin. (

You can find the final 5 guideline tips here:…