Client in the News: Novus Medical Detox Centers Featured in Snohomish County Tribune

Client in the News: Novus Medical Detox Centers Featured in Snohomish County Tribune

Novus Medical Detox Center offers safe, effective alcohol and drug treatment programs known for minimizing the discomfort of withdrawal and customizing programs for each patient. They know how important it is to find a medical detox facility with proven results; where patients are always treated as individuals with dignity and respect in a non-judgmental environment.

What’s Up?
An article in the Snohomish County Tribune entitled County Health Officer to Order Hospital to Report Overdoses

The Snohomish County Tribune is a local weekly newspaper serving Snohomish County, WA. The publication provides information on news and events of interest to the local community.

Robert Riley II, who struggled for years with his own addiction as well as his brother’s, understands the opioid epidemic intimately. How 23 percent of those who use heroin become addicted, according to the National Institutes of Health. And how that addiction, responsible for 900 Snohomish County deaths in the past decade, often starts in the place one might least expect: the doctor’s office. Riley said his addiction started with a post-dental work prescription for hydrocodone and led to many overdoses.

Dr. Gary Goldbaum, director of the county’s health district, has seen enough Rileys of all ages, genders, occupations and backgrounds. Their records fill medical charts and often coroner’s reports.

So, ……in November he will issue an edict to area hospitals, and potentially later to emergency management services, that will require these facilities to inform the Snohomish Health District through an immediate incident report when it treats a patient for an opioid overdose.

“I think it makes perfect sense for prescribing physicians to hear someone’s had an overdose” and that “offering naloxone… makes incredibly wonderful sense, that one is almost a no brainer,” said Kent Runyon of Florida’s Novus Medical Detox Center.

This coverage in the Snohomish County Tribune is a great example of the media recognizing Novus’ management as thought leaders and illustrating a point.

Calculation (508 is the number of actual targeted readers that read this article.) This weekly online and print newspaper reaches 20,314 individual readers per month, each of whom has chosen it for its specific content and targeted audience. A win-win for all.

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