I sooo love the Bee Gees! My sis is 7 years older than me and as a little girl I would watch her get dressed up for the Disco… and the Bee Gees were playing in the background when she and her girlfriends would be putting on their makeup. I can still recall back to my viewpoint as a little girl – yes, I thought the lead singer, Barry Gibb, was hot, but I always thought his upper lip was too skinny… funny! Thinking about that now makes me crack up!

4th Friday Clearwater’s Party in the Street on October 23rd from 5:30 – 10pm in Downtown Clearwater will have live performances by Disco Inferno. You gotta come and dress up in your awesome 70’s attire – and if you come as Barry Gibb I think I will faint! Can you dig it?

Far out!

Karla Jo