I am very impressed with Domino’s for tackling their negative image that was created by their less-than-stellar-tasting pizza. Seems like Domino’s recognized that they lost sight of their purpose and needed to get back on track. The fact that they expose the upsets of their past customers and built an entire PR campaign around it flanked by a new marketing campaign shows not only outside-the-box thinking, but makes them more REAL to the consumers.How often does a company admit they were wrong? And how often do they admit it publicly? Not often. Domino’s not only did that, but they said what they did to fix it. They are opening up to receive feedback too. Impressive. Takes guts. That alone is goodwill PR.

I am not even a pizza lover, but this PR campaign makes me want to try their new pizza.

My partner thinks they could have shortened the amount of time they spent on the past negative comments, but I think they really did their customers justice by really acknowledging their mistakes before they discussed what they did to fix it. Other than that small point, she and I totally agree the campaign is a hit.Bravo Domino’s! This is an excellent use of PR.