Depending on what you do for living, you may or may not have become acquainted with the idea of a content value proposition or a business value proposition. We can help with that…

A value proposition, in general, has to do with a promised delivery of value from a company that customers should expect, provided they invest in their service or product. It’s a marketing strategy for company, overall. The value proposition is a statement that introduces consumers to a company’s brand or provides declaration of intent. It tells them why the company deserves their business, how it operates, and what it stands for.

How your service or product helps your users is captured by a business value proposition. It helps to explain how you rate better than your competition. If you want to pin down the value your proposition is bringing your organization, one useful idea is to borrow and translate content.

A content value proposition captures and explains, once again, why you beat out your competition. If you want people to understand what you do, or if you want to sell them on investing in content, it’s a brilliant tool to use. To improve content quality, you’ll use things like email, shared drives, spreadsheets, docs, etc. to manage content operations.

Content Is King

Your content will be used, to the best of your abilities, to meet business goals, deliver on user needs, and act as your pledge to do so. If you work across a diverse portfolio, you may have different value content and propositions to reach various audiences, or one cover proposition for all your content.

Writing a Content Value Proposition

In your overall user experience, content plays a huge role. Content needs to make a light bulb go off over the head of your reader. It should be short but memorable. Write your content value proposition so that it answers the following questions:

  • What makes your content better than the competition or unique?
  • Where your users are concerned, what value does your content deliver?
  • If your users have a need or a problem, first you must identify it. Next you’ll answer the question of how your content helps them solve their problem or fill their need.
  • In the overall user experience delivered by your organization, what role is played by content?

You’ve got the basics, but don’t quit now. Make sure your copy sticks in the minds of your readers. Devote time to creating a masterpiece.

A PR Company That Understands The Importance of Content

Frequently overlooked, the art of writing is an essential part of effective marketing. For this reason, many companies rely on professional writers for their content. The message must be gripping, precise, and clear. Proper editing should be conducted, and the right phrasing must be used. Among all the overused clichés out there, your business must stand out as a result of your content.

At JoTo PR can we understand just how crucial content can be for your marketing strategy. To emphasize correct verbiage, after copy is written, we use a precise process. We leave nothing to chance. Your copyright will cause action and your message will be understood.

Contact us today if you’d like to find out more about what our “Anti-PR” company can do for your business. (Or if you’re curious as to what “Anti-PR” means!)