Need Help Establishing a Remote Workforce Because of COVID-19?

Need Help Establishing a Remote Workforce Because of COVID-19?

As COVID-19 continues to spread, the need for a remote workforce is not a “someday” thing anymore – it’s a “right now” necessity, and it’s realistic and doable. If you’ve made the leap, then you’re among the few who are ahead of the game. Companies are scrambling to implement their remote procedures and policies and need advice on setting up their employees amid this crisis.

Consider these topics for providing tips:

  • Equipment and software
  • Security procedures
  • Social contracts
  • Meeting and check-in schedules
  • Day-to-day etiquette
  • Creating a Crisis Board
  • Balancing work and have the kids at home

I was recently quoted in RealLeaders magazine with tips to handle a remote workforce in a crisis—see if any of this helps you:

“As CEO of an international agency we piloted and pioneered a remote workforce 5 years ago, so many of the issues our clients and colleagues are presently experiencing, we are not. In times of crisis, a leader has to keep his/her team “in the present,” and that can be very hard to do without major structure and a strict production demand. I have developed a Crisis Org Board, outlining what “hat” each person will wear. Once everyone knows their “crisis role” we then determine what the major production will be for the business and how to go about it.  We don’t use the crisis to sit back and wait to be told what to do, we use it to proactively take action and keep our people industrious and helping others. We help the media tell real-time stories with data from our clients, so our purpose is to help get news out to millions of people. Giving our team a strong purpose keeps them in the moment.”

Crisis Is Our Wheelhouse. Working remotely is business as usual for us. We haven’t hit pause on anything. In fact, we’re going 24/7 right now, still getting out the news that will help people and our clients through this difficult time. We’ve got this. Do you?

In the coming days and weeks, we will be sending out tips via our social channels to help companies (like your’s?) navigate the remote workforce issue. 

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