Money Talks: PR is The Future

JoTo PR Disruptors commentary on Adweek’s article: Marketers Plan To Increase PR Spending Over the Next 5 Years, According to New Report

Maybe it’s because businesses seem to be under incredible scrutiny or maybe it’s because people are starting to click with what I’ve been saying these past couple of years, but Adweek comments that ANA (Association of National Advertisers) will be increasing spending on PR over the next 5 years.1

Obviously—I’m a little happy about this.

What this says to me is that the recognized need for PR is there and people are starting to ramp up for it.

I’m starting to see how shrewd businesses are realizing how marketing dollars can and will go farther when working in tandem with public relations. PR is like the grease to the machine that keeps it purring nice and smooth. In fact – marketing works better with PR than on its own and it’s looking like many businesses are coming to that conclusion.

62% of businesses said they plan to increase internal PR staffing and 75% said they would be spending more on PR at the same time.2 They said that businesses are aligning the two categories closer and closer together in hopes that work together for company expansion.

Spoiler warning.

It will.

I’ve seen it with my all my clients over the years; how the two working together leads to expansion that is, forgive the cliché, off the charts. It’s gotten to the point where I’m not even surprised anymore. It’s a PR world, disregard that at your own peril.

The PR train is running through the station and the time to buy a ticket is NOW.

We don’t want to leave you behind.

1 E. Oster (May 09 2017) www.Adweek.org Web. “Marketers Plan to Increase PR Spending Over the Next 5 Years, According to New Report,” Web.

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