Mompreneur Carman Campbell Contributes to $3 Trillion Economic Impact of Women-Owned Companies

The economic impact of women-owned businesses, such as those owned by mompreneurs, is consistently growing. Carman Campbell explains how necessity is the mother of invention—and mompreneurs are filling the voids.

(Dunnellon, FL) June 11, 2018—Women-owned businesses produce an economic impact of $3 trillion.1 More than 11.6 million women-owned firms are responsible for employing about 9 million individuals and generating $1.7 trillion in sales.2 Trends also indicate that women are outpacing men by launching new businesses almost twice as often.1 Moms own approximately 33% of all small businesses within the United States, to the tune of about 3 million businesses.3 Mompreneur and CEO of Swabbies Technologies, Inc., Carman Campbell, says that “Business-minded moms are creating incredible mom-tested and approved products and services based upon their own experiences. These products and services truly stand up to the competition, including some of the biggest brands in the business.”

Many women find it necessary to take a break from their careers for various reasons, such as tending to their marriages, children or elderly family members. These same reasons are leading them to join the entrepreneurial bandwagon and become what is commonly referred to as a “mompreneur.”4

The average mompreneur tends to be over the age of 40, with their eldest child being around six years old. Seventy-nine percent of these moms are married, with 71% also being the primary childcare provider for their children. Juggling a home life and a business can be a struggle, but many mompreneurs sacrifice working out and spending time with friends, with 73% putting in a “second shift” after their children have gone to bed. However, mompreneurs often refuse to give up precious family time or much-needed sleep.5

Mompreneurs have made a name for themselves thanks to their innovative approach to dealing with the situation of needing a product or service which is unavailable—they design, create and provide such products and services themselves, thus filling the void and helping myriad others who are in the same boat.4

As a busy mother of three, Campbell notes that she found herself constantly fumbling with the diaper rash cream tube, causing her to remove at least one hand from her wiggling baby—reducing safety and putting her baby at risk of falling from the changing table. After searching everywhere, Campbell realized that there was nothing available for moms to remedy this common problem. From there, Swabbies was born and Campbell made it her mission to create safe, beneficial and effective baby care products which are easier and safer for busy parents and caregivers. Not only did Campbell achieve her mission with the Swabbies product, but her innovation is also instrumental in preventing the spread of common staph strains, including methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

Single-hand use products such as Swabbies’ patented one-hand applicator allow parents and caregivers to control their babies’ movements with one hand, while applying diaper cream without getting their hands messy. This uniquely formulated herbal diaper rash cream is made from 40% zinc oxide and organic materials such as grape seed oil, olive oil and tea tree oil, as well as lavender, shea butter and beeswax. Once the process is complete, both hands are still clean, and the tube can easily be tossed in the trash with the dirty wipes and diaper.

Campbell, along with numerous other mompreneurs, truly understands that necessity is the mother of invention. Mompreneurs are often inspired by an issue or the desire to bridge a gap they have encountered, therefore improving the lives of future mothers. Together, these business-minded moms will continue to have a positive impact on the economy and improve the quality of life for others. “Something that started as a product I really wished I could find then became a product I had to create,” Campbell concluded. “Swabbies relieves mothers from having to deal with the fear of their baby falling off the changing table or taking care of the mess that used to come along with applying something as simple as diaper rash cream.” Campbell notes that this is the type of inspiration and innovative thinking that gives mompreneurs the competitive edge.

About Swabbies Technologies, Inc.

Carman Campbell, creator of Swabbies, is a mompreneur who found that necessity is truly the mother of invention. Wanting to have a free hand and a clean hand when applying diaper rash cream and changing her squirmy baby’s diaper was the inspiration behind the invention. Swabbies is a patented single-hand use applicator with a specialized cream made from organic materials, and is assembled at a non-profit training center for disabled adults in Quincy, Florida. Swabbies’ mission is to make products that are easier and safer for busy parents and caregivers to use. For more information, visit www.swabbiescream.com.

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