I would classify this PR campaign for Scott Brown as pretty smart. He did a number of thing that were strategic instead of just a narrow one-avenue approach to winning a campaign.

First he rode on the anti-Obama movement, but he did it by eliciting the emotion of “change” just like Obama except this time it was changing Obama’s agenda.

As I searched even further, the website at the end of this YouTube video clip iswww.massachusettsmiracle.com. I found in Wikipedia the term “Massachusetts Miracle” which “refers to a period of economic growth in the state of Massachusetts during most of the 1980s. Previous to this, the state had been hit hard by deindustrialization and resulting unemployment. The growth was heavily centered in high-tech industry and financial services, within Boston and in its suburbs along Route 128. The expansion of the high tech industry along MA-128 has led to the term “128” meaning more than just the road itself, but the technology area as a whole, much like Silicon Valley. Some notable companies at the time of the Miracle were Digital Equipment Corporation, Data General, Wang Laboratories, and Apollo Computer.” Another smart move – making his campaign meaning two-fold…the miracle of “winning” in MA which is a Democratic state overpowering Republicans by 3 to 1 AND referring to a past period of economic growth in MA.

Then if you look at his main website, www.brownforussenate.com, you’ll find some similarities to Obama’s campaign – social media and the ability to have your message “heard” instantly.

So, he took a multi-pronged approach, and won. Pretty smart PR campaign. I would like to see what else he does