W.R.O.N.G. Wrong.

If you were things there wasn’t, you’re far from alone. In fact, we surveyed CEOs from the U.S. Inc. 5000 list and found that more than 46% of them confused PR with advertising.

You’ve got an amazing new product, a disruptive new service, or maybe you’re the new guy on the block. Regardless of your reason, they’re all drivers behind your marketing and advertising campaigns. You’ve invested time, effort, and let’s not forget – LOTS of money – into each of them. You’re all set to go, right?

Not so fast there – you forget something, my friend.

  • What does your audience know about your business?
  • How familiar are your prospects with your brand?
  • What kind of reputation do you have in your industry?

These are questions you need to have already answered.

Keep in mind: 20% of the entire market cap is based on goodwill—meaning, reputation. Reputation IS public relations.

You don’t? Then in all likelihood, your marketing and advertising efforts are going to be sooooo very disappointing.

For one, if you’re new to your industry, or because of circumstances like COVID-19 have kept you out of action for a while, it’s safe to say that your audience doesn’t know you yet or, sorry to say, forgotten about you and you might as well consider yourself a noob. That’s not meant to be harsh – just a reality.

But in either case, it’s a great opportunity for you!

I’m sure you’re chomping at the bit to get your business moving again, but consider this: Would you buy from someone you don’t know when there’s a similar product or service already available from someone you know and trust?

Yeah, that’s what you’re up against – at least for the moment.

Why do I say that? Because I know how you’re going to get the most out of your advertising and marketing dollars – make it easier to sell by turning those skeptical prospects into confident customers.

We’re going to do that through Publicity and Anti-PR™.

Using reputation management, we’re going to pull out from the realm of the unknown and into the court of public opinion, create the narrative about you, and get them thinking the way you want them to think – winning them over.

While marketing supports your products and services, publicity and Anti-PR™ are going to boost your brand – and your business – as a whole – at least 6 MONTHS before you even make that first ad placement.

Before your audience ever hears about your offerings, you need to first be seen in the best possible light.

How does Publicity and AntiPR™ make that happen?

There’ no magic bullet here – it’s a multifaceted, coordinated effort that works across multiple channels, just as your advertising will. But instead of selling, you’re setting out to win hearts and minds. For instance:

  • Press releases are going out with newsworthy content that catches the eyes of journalists.
  • Conversations are happening on multiple social media platforms, creating consistent engagement with your audiences.
  • You’re being featured in articles that appear in precisely targeted popular and industry-specific media outlets.
  • You’re doing interviews, building your reputation as an industry thought leader.
  • All the while, your third-party credibility is building. The press is coming to you for stories. Your prospects are talking to you. People are beginning to recognize your name.

With time and consistent messaging, your reputation – and invaluable third-party credibility – becomes established.

And THEN, away you go with your marketing.

Why now? Because with that that favorable opinion you’ve built, a now-familiar message and the validation from influencers, peers and other sources with their own credibility, you have created all the reasons people need to place their trust in you.

And when your audience trusts you, the doubt and skepticism they have of the once unfamiliar goes poof! Evaporates! This is when the embers spark a fire of curiosity, coupled with a sense of comfort. In its place will be a reservoir of confidence, and all they need now is a small push (because your marketing is easier, and the selling is already partially done!) to get them to start buying.

But wait, how do all of these events happen? How does your publicity train get chuggin’ let alone get out of the gosh darn station?

Publicity planning and implementation is the JOTO PR Disruptors wheelhouse. We understand the true, lasting value of third-party validation from reputable sources and make it our mission to ensure that every communication gets you the best possible return on your PR-Marketing-Sales Intelligent Promotion™ investment.