I’ll start by paraphrasing Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld: there are the known unknowns and there are the unknown unknowns.

What he meant by that was that there’s information that we know we don’t have, and there’s information that we aren’t even aware of that we don’t have, let alone know we need.

So, what’s that’s got to do with Market Research? And what’s that got to do with you?

Everything. In fact, it’s the very reason you need Market Research more than ever.

COVID-19 caught all of us off guard and left thousands of businesses, including you, desperately asking where your customers went, why they left you, and what you can do to get back your business back in their good graces.

Those are all great questions, but do you know what other questions you need to be asking of your target market? You’re already stretched thin, and really, do you have time to spare for the kind of research that will help you discover what those questions are – let alone the information they will give you?

At JOTO PR Disruptors, our team of dedicated Market Research experts know how to pinpoint the exact kinds of questions to ask your target audience that will get you the answers – and the information – that can lead to the business decisions that can get you back on track.

I can’t stress how important it is that you get your answers sooner than later. Like any industry before COVID-19, you were already in a constant state of change. It was tough enough keeping up with trends, your customers’ needs, and staying one step ahead of your competition.

But then came the global pandemic. Suddenly, we’re aren’t familiar with our respective industries, our customers became strangers and rivals, if any have survived, are a total mystery. In short, we’ve all had to go back to the drawing board.

“COVID-19 didn’t do us any favors and it was showing up on our bottom line. We had to figure out what we weren’t getting about our customers anymore. After an investigation by JOTO’s researchers, we uncovered a wealth of information and solid data that we could, and did, put into immediate use.”

If you’re one of the businesses fortunate enough to be operating right now, where do you even begin to pivot? How do you know you’re even making the right business decisions? Really, this is the worst time to be spending money and time on things that aren’t backed by real data. You’re asking for an even bigger problem than you have now.

JOTO PR Disruptors takes the guesswork and uncertainly out of your decision-making and replaces them with evidence-based data that reveals not only the answers to your own pressing questions, but the questions we create based on our precision survey tools and more.

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