I guess I’m one of the people that deserves a prize because I’m still kicking it old school. When I receive a business card or contact information that I deem valuable I enter it into Contacts on my computer or my iPhone and then the next time I sync the contacts transfer so that all of my data is easily findable no matter if I am on my Mac or my iPhone. Reading this post I became increasingly interested in trying out CamCard but then thought to myself, “do I really want to keep EVERY card someone hands me?” and if I have to make even minor edits why bother. So I decided not to try CamCard or any of the other apps listed. However I would be interested in hearing from people who have used these or similar apps and why they feel they are better then just entering in the data by hand. To read the full article reviewing CamCard as well as ScanBizCars and others just click here