Manage Your PR Crisis BEFORE It Happens


PR disasters happen every day to companies and businesses. Blame it on the internet. Blame it on social media. Blame it on the sensationalist-hungry media.

Or, blame it on your competition. Sorry for the bearer of bad news, but if your company is successful enough, your competition might not like it enough to… you get the idea.

However we spin it, in today’s “click happy” virtual world, PR disasters happen every day. One misstep by a company can be broadcast around the world in seconds!

It’s frightening, to even the most thick-skinned business owners and CEOs. The last thing you need is a firestorm of negative press that tanks your revenue, all because (and this is no exaggeration) a part-time employee said something stupid to a customer.

At JOTO PR, we’re firmly grounded in PR crisis management. In fact, it’s how we manage all our clients’ campaigns, whether in crisis or not!

See, we know that the best way to stop a crisis is before it starts! And how does one do that? By building up massive goodwill PR at all times so that any negative press makes as much of a splash as a pebble falling in the ocean.

Think of creating goodwill as building an invisible lead dome over your business to protect you from any protentional “nuclear fallout.”

When your target markets know you, like you, trust you, and have been exposed to all the positive PR about you, then one bad incident reported about you hits the proverbial “lead dome.”

On the other hand…

If you haven’t built up a consistent volley of great media placements, profitable associations, and newsworthy press releases, when the news does pick up the scandalous thing that happened to you, that’s what people are going to remember. The bomb strikes and does damage.

Great PR is conducted according to the Strategic Offensive Principle of War, i.e., “The best defense is a good offense.” And that’s our philosophy, here at JoTo PR. 

We can certainly throw all hands-on deck and manage your sudden PR crisis, but you’d be much better off to build up stock piles of goodwill while skies are calm (because there are going to be storms – there always are).

Consist and relentless media exposure is key

Our strategy of consistent – rather than one-hit wonder – media placement ensures that there is a wide trail of positive PR long before a missile is launched. Other PR firms might get you one photo op and one article in the New York Times. But what’s that one article going to do, special though it may be, when you experience an unexpected product failure and have little other positive press to your name?

And if you experience a crisis, if your PR firm doesn’t have a crisis-management technology, how are they going to guide you? Crisis management PR is a very delicate operation indeed. It’s a lot like being dumped into deep water when you don’t know how to swim – thrashing around in a state of panic spells trouble.

PR crisis and jiu jitsu

Engage with a PR firm who knows how to turn crises around, and even possibly cause them to work to your advantage. We call this “PR jiu jitsu.” It’s the trick of using the force of a PR disaster to your advantage so you come out even more favorable in the public’s eye. But that’s the PR work of true pros. Definitely “don’t try this at home.”

Free in-depth consultation

Just one of the topics we cover in our free, 30-minute “Anti-PR” Consultation is the status of your PR liabilities. As in, where could storms be brewing, what areas should you give attention to (fast!). What missteps should you not take in order to avoid a disaster? Give yourself the gift of some professional advice when you schedule your consultation today.

Remember, if people don’t trust you, they aren’t going to do business with you, and public trust – once lost – is hard to regain. Get in touch with us at 888.202.4614 or send an email.

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