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Disruption is the key to successful PR.

The world is over communicated to. To get your business message across you must disrupt the status quo. You must stand out in the crowd.

Disruption means cutting through the market noise and impacting your target audience. Do it right and you can live like royalty. Miss the mark and you end up spending a lot of money on marketing just to stay afloat.

One problem is that many products and services aren’t inherently exciting. If you manufactured “rocks” that are like everyone else’s “rocks (fictious example), how would you make your rocks stand out? It’s a problem. Even if your products or services are different it takes real skill to make them stand out in the crowd.

You make your “rocks” stand out with effective PR. You use disruption PR techniques to get noticed and become well thought of. It’s all part our Anti-PR formula.

My name is Karla Jo Helms and I specialize in disrupting markets with Anti-PR.

Anti-PR is not wishy-washy like traditional PR. Anti-PR creates impact.

Here’s some examples of how Anti-PR helped some of our clients:

  • 101% 3-year revenue growth
  • 679% 3-year revenue growth
  • 14x revenue increase in 9 months
  • 5x revenue growth in 4 years

See in-depth testimonials here.

And media outlets who run our clients’ disruptive stories include:

  • The New York Times
  • IT World
  • NBC News
  • CSO
  • Florida Trend
  • USA Today
  • The Miami Herald
  • Tampa Bay Times

Measurable Results

Our Anti-PR campaigns produce laser focused, strategic public relations activities that garner measurable and profitable results while creating a stellar image for your company every step of the way.

You can increase your marketing revenues by 5 to tenfold! You’re practically throwing money away with advertising when people don’t know and trust your business. People are simply less likely to buy from you if they don’t recognize your name and have a positive emotional association with your business. PR done the disruptive way is what generates those positive emotions. That’s what we, at JoTo PR, do.

I would love to show you how JOTO PR can help boost your company’s revenues through our effective PR.

Give us a call at 888-202-4611 to learn how we can put your business “in lights” with an Anti-PR campaign.

Or contact JoTo PR online for a Complimentary PR Consultation

Just one of the topics we cover in our free, 30-minute “Anti-PR” Consultation is the status of your PR liabilities. As in, where could storms be brewing, what areas should you give attention to (fast!). What missteps should you not take in order to avoid a disaster? Give yourself the gift of some professional advice when you schedule your consultation today.

Karla Jo Helms

Chief Evangelist and Anti-PR Strategist
888-202-4611 x802
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