Lowering cost per lead with PR

businessgrowthPR and marketing go hand-in-hand.  As a general rule typically PR proceeds marketing.  However, if you have already been marketing and you haven’t been doing PR, you utilize a PR campaign to lend credibility to to your marketing campaign.

Your prospects may have seen your ads many, many times, but never called you.

However, when they see you in a format that isn’t “selling” but instead touting your good works by someone else — a third party that is listened to and considered unbiased, like the news — NOW you have credibility.

If you lay the groundwork before marketing with Publicity & PR, you are credible suddenly.

Your ads work faster, your sales close faster and your cost per lead goes down.

PR separates the professional marketer from the amateur.

Case in Point: One banker had a certain clientele, but wanted to drive a new clientele into his market. He had been using traditional advertising in the major publications that his target market read to no avail.

When the banker landed an interview on Fox News (with our help), that interview suddenly lent so much credibility to his bank that he actually started getting the new clients he wanted, contacting him from those same ads because they saw him on Fox News.

That is not advertising you can pay for, that is PR.

“JoTo PR has been outstanding to work with…they helped us put together
a strategic communications plan to get more recognition as a 5-Star rated bank,
as a bank that had money to lend. All the attributes that you want to see in a bank,
they helped develop the plan and executed the plan to perfection. Since we
put this program on it has really been great in seeing people react to the publicity
that we have gotten.”  ~First National Bank of Pasco

Moral of the story: Lower your cost per lead and make your advertising work harder for you. Contact us today.

To Your Success,

Karla Jo Helms

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