Leverage PR To Grow Your Business

Leverage PR

The best channel for establishing your brand and credibility in the world today is Public Relations (PR). Without it, not only is it difficult to communicate to the masses, it becomes nearly impossible to succeed and grow your business. Truth be told, and contrary to what one may assume, when it comes to increasing sales and raising brand awareness, one of the most cost-effective methods is through a public relations strategy. To establish yourself as a trusted authority in your category, or cement your brand, product placements on television, in newspapers, and in popular magazines are invaluable.

Let’s not forget the Internet. Want to add an extra layer of credibility and trust to your brand? This can be done with a tweet about your product or a simple positive comment from an Internet user. Where your business is concerned, that’s going to translate to new traffic. If that Internet user is a respected and powerful third-party (an Influencer), even better. This is the power of PR.

The following are tips to growing your business through the use of PR.

Consistency and Patience are Important

Even with good PR, success does not happen overnight. With consistent effort and time, a well mapped out PR plan will help you attain the desired recognition and assist you in distinguishing your brand.

If It’s Not on Social Media – It Doesn’t Exist

Some of the best public relations channels in this day and age are social media platforms. Don’t fall into the trap of using only one outlet, however. There are lots of ways to get noticed on numerous social media platforms. Encourage comments and then respond to those comments, both negative and positive, appropriately and quickly.

Construct a Media Network

Be a trusted information source. Build your network within your area of specialization with journalists and reporters. Establish a reputation as a credible, reliable source of industry expertise and thought leadership.

Stay in Tune with the Times

Recognize industry trends and do your best to keep up. Use sources like forums, industry reports, industry ws, social media, and Google Trends to see what people are saying and keep a general eye on things.

Tell No Lies!

Don’t hide anything from the public. Never stretch the truth. Always be honest when releasing company information. An authentic story told well helps to create successful brands.

Great Content Is Key

Keep your content solution-oriented and succinct when putting together a press release or a pitch. Concentrate on specific problems that readers face. Come up with a solution and speak about those solutions in detail through your company’s media outlets.

Be Your Own Source of News

When it comes to news angles that are published about your brand, you want to be the one who’s in control. After all, it may not align with the values and ethos of your company if someone else impedes on your brand identity. That’s a risk you need never take.

Your website should be your audience’s best source for authentic news. Both online and off, use several sources to assure proactive distribution of your news.

A PR Company that Knows the Ropes

At JoTo PR Disruptors, we know how important it is for a company, brand, or service to be talked about on social media and in newspapers, magazines, etc. After all, as Oscar Wilde stated, the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about! With the right public relations and publicity, you can alert the public to your presence and gain respect.

We can help establish your brand and company as a bit of a disrupter. But that’s a good thing. What are you doing differently than your competitors? We’re going to help you get exposure for that and, thereby, cement your position as an influencer.

Let us propel your business to all it can be, and more. Contact us today to find out how.

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