89% of marketers say that brand awareness was their top goal in 2020.1 That’s unlikely to change much this year.

And they have good reason to make branding a top priority – the best way to sell your offerings is to first be known and differentiated to your target audience.

So, if it isn’t about the uniqueness of your products or the brazenness of your advertising for them – what’s PR about? It’s about your business itself.

It’s time to tell your story.

Here’s what you need to be deciding now:


Unveil Your Authentic Personality

People buy at a much higher rate from companies with whom they share values, are familiar with, and have a strong emotional connection. You want to establish a bond.

To start telling your story, first have these factors in mind:

  • Your ideal audience, your intended customers
  • Your business’s core values
  • Your goals you want achieve within your industry, the world at large
  • Your traits you want associated with your business

In a very crowded market, you want to stand out and that is largely accomplished through the brand voice you will communicate with real values and emotions.


Make Your Narrative About How You Will DISRUPT

Right now, you’re a stranger to your intended audience (it’s really up to them if they actually become that audience) so to capture and hold their attention, you need to match your established values with their needs and wants.

Disruption means shaking things up. Throwing away the past. Moving away from the status quo.

When you form your ongoing narrative, talk to your audience about:

  • The problems your business recognizes and is going about solving.
  • The ways you are going about creating and implementing those solutions.
  • What the success of these solutions (i.e. the benefits) means to their world.

That’s what’s going to start building up your Exposure – the extent your target audience is sees or hears your products, services or initiatives.

Increase your exposure, increase your revenue potential.

As your messages multiply, the media responds with more placement, pushing your messaging even farther, until you hit the apex – Influence.

Now you have the power to affect people. You can cause changes without directly making them happen. You get people thinking as you want them to think.

Media then seek you out for your take on current events. You are the “go to” key opinion leader.

Small changes build upon one another, becoming larger – a Snowball Effect takes place – and now you are the change. And then you make the sales.

Here’s how you climb to the top and becomes that Influencer…


Build Your Consistent, Compelling Narrative

While your values and mission are meant to be easily digestible and embraced, from here it starts to get more complicated. Your messaging must be managed across all channels. Much of the strength of your ongoing story lies in its consistency.

Keep every story, every social media post, etc.:

  • Aligned with your established values
  • Written in your voice, with your mission and goals always in mind
  • Builds upon your original story, creating an ongoing native to follow


Know When It’s Time to Move to Marketing

In time and with consistent messaging, you’ll have endeared yourself to your audience. With that positive public opinion comes trust and confidence – an audience primed for and receptive to the same kind of messaging within your marketing.

Consider where your public perception stands before start marketing:

  • Do you have a high degree of emotional connection with your prospects?
  • Are they convinced of your authenticity?
  • Are they ready to be part of your story (best case – your evangelists)?


Sure, You Can Sell. But Don’t Ever Stop Telling Your Story

Remember, consistency is key. To maintain the momentum you’ve worked so hard to build can quickly fade if you neglect your audience. Their appetite for your news and information is insatiable (which is exactly where you want them!), but on the flip side they are also very impatient. We live in a highly connected world – communication now moves as fast as electric current and through multiple, easily accessible channels – leaving you no excuses to go AWOL. If you don’t deliver on that need, they will quickly satisfy it elsewhere.

In fact, your messaging needs to be baked into your overall communications plans at all times. Those efforts can include:

Newsworthy press releases

  • Industry blogs
  • Video announcements
  • Guest appearance on podcasts and television news shows
  • Regular postings across your social media platforms
  • Any other platform that’s a great fit for your business


From creating your awareness to building upon your resonance – that’s the journey you business can be on if you invest the time and effort.

No matter if they’re new, innovative or game-changing – your products and services will be perceived in the light of the name behind them.

Make sure your audience already thinks the most of you before you ask them to open their wallets – they’ll much more likely to open them wide.

*Anti-PR™ definition: Anti-PR is really the difference between the existing apathy of the industry publicizing fluffy, no-result PR vs. our intolerance of mediocrity and our demand, skill and mastery in obtaining results. JoTo PR breaks the entire mold: We use the science of Crisis Management to manage our client’s messaging in order to disrupt. It’s like strapping turbojets onto “everyday PR” yielding unprecedented results.

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