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People ask me why I boldly rail against conventional PR Firms. I say, because they’re mostly about gathering big name clients and trophies rather than increasing the business growth and ROI of their clients.

But there’s more that triggers my ire with conventional PR. It has to do with the “school of hard knocks” I attended for 20 years. I learned something about PR that many of these conventional PR people will never know, something I want to pass on to you, to help you business flourish in today’s world.

I am Karla Jo Helms, Chief Evangelist and Anti-PR Strategist for JoTo PR Disruptors. After 20 years in the crisis management PR field, working with litigation attorneys, private investigators, and the media, I have seen firsthand how businesses can get caught in the web of a PR disaster with millions of dollars on the line.

I’ve seen companies go down in flames because of their lack of PR. And I’ve seen companies that really understood modern PR soar – factually, I’ve helped many of them soar.

Real and effective PR is not a walk on the beach. It’s ultra-aggressive, super proactive and there is no room for smoke and mirrors. It’s laser sharp in its procedures and focus. This, I learned working in the world of crisis PR. It’s also what I’ve shared with many prospering CEOs and business owners since.

The need for “crisis management” style PR (even with companies that aren’t in “crisis”) is what prompted me to form JoTo PR in 2009. What I realized was that EVERY company needed “crisis” management style PR.

JoTo PR began its operation with a market research project comprising the feedback of 5,000 fast-growing company CEO’s, and it soon became clear that a strategy of Anti-PR was going to serve them best.

JoTo PR has been founded from the very start not on a policy of self-congratulation but on service to clients, on engaging with people person-to-person in agency-client partnerships that first and foremost create results.

I give talks globally on this need to redirect PR so it does what it’s supposed to do, which is to create real ROI on businesses’ marketing dollars by generating public goodwill and trust.

In the right hands, PR technology can drive markets for good and impact public perception on the whole. My firm is comprised of “boots-on-the-ground” people who are going to direct your campaign with real world statistics rather than “smoke and mirrors” PR. We partner with you, and since we track PR ROI, our success is bound up with yours.

Free “Anti-PR” Consultation to Help You

If you’re curious about where you stand in terms of PR, contact us today to schedule your free, 30-minute “Anti-PR” Consultation. Your session will be with one of our veteran consultants, who advise CEOs, CFOs, COOs, and CMOs of some of the fastest-growing companies in the nation.

We are available at 888.202.4614 or send an email to get started. We promise you, real PR is the missing piece.

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Chief Evangelist and Anti-PR Strategist
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