Legaltech, or legal technology, refers to the use of software and technology to provide support and legal services in the legal industry. Lately, with the purpose of disrupting the legal market – which is traditionally conservative – legaltech companies have started up.

On a more expanded basis: the application of software and technology to assist large-scale and medium businesses, law firms, and individual lawyers with electric discovery, accounting, billing, document storage, and practice management is referred to as legaltech. Legal tech has evolved since its inception in 2011. It is now associated more with the disruption of law practice using technology by eliminating or reducing the need for lawyer consultations. It may also use lawyer matching websites and online marketplaces to connect people with lawyers more efficiently.

About the Legaltech Industry

The legal industry in general is viewed by many to be traditional and conservative. Customer experiences with law firms have changed minimally in the last 50 years. But clients have begun pressuring lawyers with time and cost constraints, and more. The development of email helped increase the sophistication of the legal industry immensely. But that was only the beginning. Technological savvy is a requirement for lawyers today. They must remain abreast of the risks and benefits associated with today’s applicable technology.

Competition that is cutting edge can be achieved and increased through the right technology. Technology adoption, for example, has helped to review documents needed for litigation cases. Artificial intelligence and machine language have been incorporated by law firms, as well as cloud-based services.

What is Public Relations’ Role in the Legaltech Industry?

To help law firms and legaltech businesses connect with potential clients and mold their public image, a public relations agency is crucial. This cannot be stressed enough. To carefully identify its target audience, PR allows a law firm to understand what types of messages best suit segments in different markets. In addition to helping a law firm understand how to craft their message, a PR agent also knows how to achieve the best impact through the use of appropriate platforms.

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Choose JoTo PR for Top-Notch Legaltech Public Relations Solutions

We work hard, at JoTo PR, to make audiences comfortable with a service or a brand. In this manner, they will want to do business with you because we will have created a desire to work with your law firm or legaltech business. Our PR activities drive not only your number of clients but your billable hours as well. To make sure that your business stands out from the rest, we work diligently, never losing sight of the larger objective.

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