Learn More About PR with Karla Jo Helms

Learn More About PR with Karla Jo Helms
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JoTo PR CEO, Karla Jo Helms, discusses the significance of PR industry on If You Market Podcast.

Think you’re knowledgeable about PR today? Did you know:

  • That PR strategy and physics have a major law in common?
  • That 57% of the B2B buying process is conducted online before prospects ever contact a company, and that prospects typically consider up to 12 sources of info?
  • That the public trusts mainstream news sources less than ever, and most people now arrive at opinions by weighing the coverage of several targeted outlets?

JoTo PR’s Chief Evangelist and Anti-PR Strategist Karla Jo Helms recently joined Sky Cassidy on the If You Market podcast to discuss PR, marketing, the media, and more – yielding these and plenty more fascinating facts.  Read on for some sample topics of discussion:

Why PR

Most people don’t truly understand PR and don’t dive into it until their business encounters a PR crisis – and at that point it’s sink or swim. Proactive PR, the best PR, ensures that businesses have built up a critical reserve of goodwill with the public so that in the case of bad press, they can sail through nearly scot-free. And PR’s general purpose is to get ahead of marketing and build recognition and trust so that conversion isn’t an uphill battle.

The JoTo PR Approach

JoTo PR emerged from Karla Jo Helms’s experience and grounding in crisis management PR, where time is of the essence and filling the “vacuum” of information with clearly communicated facts is what it’s all about. JoTo PR uses this highly proactive approach to help clients – many of them industry disruptors – get both high-impact and a high volume of media coverage. The idea is to develop PR campaigns which have direct and measurable results on ROI.

The Saturated, Segmented Modern Media Landscape

The “mainstream media” is actually becoming smaller and smaller – what’s really happening (according to a market analysis commissioned by JoTo PR) is that there’s been an exponential increase in news outlets that each cater to a specific public. People now self-curate news and information to consume much like they’d select music to put in a playlist. But what is also happening is that, in order to adapt, people consciously get info from a variety of different “segmented” news sources in order to attempt to form a balanced opinion.

The Progressive Merge of PR & Marketing

Especially with the advent and entrenchment of social media, PR and marketing (once very distinct and separate departments) are coming to blend and merge into parts of one “intelligent promotion lifecycle.” Marketing messages now simply continue the conversation that PR starts – with media coverage and byline articles – by making use of the variety of channels available today. Downstream marketing, upstream marketing, account-based marketing, email marketing – everything has to be considered, and the pressure is on CEO’s in particular to cultivate “thought leadership” as both a PR and marketing outlet for the business.

That’s only scratching the surface – Sky and Karla Jo’s in-depth “state of the industry” conversation is one you won’t want to miss. Click here to go to the episode!

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