Our motto: “PR isn’t the answer. Results are.”


Karla Jo Helms
Founder and Chief Evangelist, JoTo PR.

Karla Jo discovered firsthand how unforgiving business can be when millions of dollars are on the line—and how the control of public opinion often decides whether one company is cheerfully chosen or another is brutally rejected.

Being an alumni of crisis management, Karla Jo has worked with litigation attorneys, private investigators and the media to help reinstate companies of goodwill back into the good graces of public opinion—Karla Jo operates on the ethic of getting it correct the first time, not depending on second chances and doing what it takes to excel.

Karla Jo has modeled her agency on the perfect balance of crisis management, entrepreneurial insight and proven public relations experience. Helms speaks globally on public relations, how the PR industry itself has lost its way and how, in the right hands, corporations can utilize the power of PR to drive markets and impact market perception.

Learning by trial and error, documenting each step of the process, and utilizing only those actions that achieved consistent, superior results has earned the Karla Jo hard-won knowledge of how to hone in on the best use of PR.

Today, all processes of JoTo PR are streamlined PR services that have become the hallmark of the JoTo PR name.

A Holistic Overview

JoTo PR takes a unique approach to its public relations and marketing activities. A large-scale initial examination enables us to look at your company as a whole. Our vision is holistic, i.e., a company is greater than the sum of its departments and divisions. We treat the entire organism (company) from top to bottom, and create a synergistic message that lasers through communications and information clutter.

Starting with strategic planning that enhances every aspect of an organization, JoTo PR creates an integrated program that optimizes communications and improves the marketing return on investment. PR is the tool to get people to think the way you want them to think.

No matter the target audience—whether staff or customers—you have more control over reaching your goals through the correct use of PR. Marketing then backs up PR’s message by communicating what you want those target audiences to do.

The benefit of having a well-thought-out and strategized PR & marketing plan is that it gives you more control over attaining your goals, which equates to a better bottom line and more freedom to do the things that you want to do.

Our specialty is not only our understanding and application of the core principles of PR and marketing; our business background enables us to create holistic PR campaigns that can be integrated into your marketing so that you get better, faster and more comprehensive results. Call us for a complimentary PR consultation and evaluation.

JoTo PR Purpose

To make a significant impact on the economy and the news by helping businesses get their message in the media in volume about solutions, services and products that will help people and companies grow, expand and thrive.

JoTo PR Standard

The JoTo PR standard is insistence that we get results.

It means caring about the client and not accepting reasons why results cannot be attained for a PR campaign, or any part thereof.

At JoTo PR, results can and will always be achieved.

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Tired of the same old crap from the old model of PR? So are we. We’re here to prove that real PR is the solution that fits certain companies changing the status quo in the world, because that’s exactly what we’re doing. Let’s talk!

–  Karla Jo Helms