OBJ(Clearwater, FL) – In August yet not reported until October,one malicious email opened by an employee of the South Carolina Department of Revue caused a massive cyberattack – theft of 3.8 million tax returns, Social Security numbers of 1.9 million people, access to data on 699,900 business tax returns and 3.3 million bank accounts, according to NBC.com.KnowBe4 (http://www.knowbe4.com/), an internet security awareness training firm, says that attacks like this could be prevented with an internet security employee training(http://www.knowbe4.com/) procedure.

An international hacker sent South Carolina Department of Revenue employees an email containing an embedded link containing malware or a computer virus. Unfortunately, one employee unknowingly clicked on the link (1). From that one click, the cybercriminal was able to steal the employee’s “secure” user name and password. For weeks after, the cybercriminal started copying large amounts of information and transferring them onto zip files that were transferred outside of the system.

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